US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Wants in Blockchain Voting

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United States Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang believes blockchain voting is needed in the current age of digital advancements. He believes that voters should still not be waiting at the polling stations to cast their votes.


Instead of waiting at voting units, he wants Americans to vote using their mobile phones with verification done via blockchain. This be sees will dramatically increase participation in all elections, whether local, state or federal.



The Aspirant speaking on the current voting arrangement said,

" It’s ridiculous that in 2020 we are still standing in line for hours to vote in antiquated voting booths. It is 100% technically possible to have fraud-proof voting on our mobile phones today using the blockchain. This would revolutionize true democracy and increase participation to include all Americans - those without smartphones could use the legacy system and lines would be very short."

According to his website, Yang pointed out that Voting is hard and time consuming, which is why there is barely 50% turnout even in presidential elections, this he says rewards extreme points of views instead of popular will.


He outlined this goals of making voting easier and more secure, reducing inconsistent processes between states and restoring confidence and engagement in the democratic process.


Once elected, he will work to modernize the voting infrastructure in the country to utilize technology to make it easier and more secure to vote, thereby increasing numbers of Americans participating in country's democracy.


Andrew Yang is one of pro-cryptocurrency presidential aspirants. He recently called for a clear guideline on cryptocurrencies/digital assets markets regulation so that investment can proceed into the industry.

According to him,

" Investment in cryptocurrencies and digital assets has far outpaced our regulatory frameworks in the US. We should let investors, companies, and individuals know what the landscape and treatment will be moving forward to support innovation and development. The blockchain has vast potential."

When elected, he will promote clarity in the industry by giving clear definition to what a token is and when it is a security, give clarification of tax implications of owning, selling and trading digital assets, define which federal agencies have regulatory power over the crypto/digital assets space etc.

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Blockchain voting Gould help tighten controls unless there is a loop while I am unaware of

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