Shutting Down of INGOs Erupted Food Scarcity in Northern Buthidaung

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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th September 2018

Buthidaung: Shutting down of International INGOs in all village tracts of Northern Buthidaung township have erupted food scarcity for the remaining Rohingya, who are completely isolated from livelihood activities, according to reports from sufferers.

Since last 3 months, all international NGOs were barred from conducting any forms of ration distribution or aid assistance programs in all Rohingya village tracts of Buthidaung Township.

Following the situation, remaining Rohingya are suffering badly from food scarcity, as many of them completely relied on the little-limited rations distributed to them since the state-sponsored violence of 2012.

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Moreover, the little forms of livelihood activities like farming, fishing, collecting firewood, plantation, etc have been totally banned for the Rohingya since the pre-planned attack of 2017.

"We cannot farm our own lands or do any plantation, our hands are tied from all sides to break us financially as well," explains a suffering Rohingya, asked not to be named.

Like him, many other thousands are suffering in silence and their families are starving to almost dead. Children and the elderly are suffering severely from malnutrition and they have no access to health care services as well.

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Earlier many cases of deaths due to malnutrition were reported and now many more are expected to be heard, as no responsible authorities are not seen to be in actions towards combatting it.

Thereby, suffering Rohingya from northern Buthidaung are urging to INGOs and International community to reach them as soon as possible and find a way to break Burmese gov't banning of aid distribution in Arakan (Rakhine) state.

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