Tragic Story Junko Furuta (Girl Tortured for 44 Days)

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Torture has almost universally been regarded as a gross violation of human rights, as has been the case in the Declaration of Human Rights. The stories of torture have become a common secret in the eyes of the world. Like this one case, the tragic case of a girl, Japan. This is an old story;

In November 1988, 18-year-old A, 18-year-old B, 17-year-old C (16) and D (17 years) from Tokyo kidnapped Furuta, a senior high school student from Saitama for 44 days and in hold at home owned by the man's parents C.

To avoid the police chase, the A man forced Furuta to call his parents and tell him to say he ran away from home with his friends, and was not in danger. Even the A guy makes Furuta pose as a boyfriend of one of those boys when C's parents, the owner of the house is in the house. If they were convinced that C's parents would not call the police, they would finish the play. Furuta had tried to run away repeatedly, and begged C's parents to rescue her, but they did nothing although they knew if Furuta had been tortured, because they were afraid that man A would torture them. A man was then a low-class Yakuza leader and had threatened anyone who intervened to be killed.

According to the testimony of the kidnappers in the hearing, the four of them raped Furuta, beat him, put all sorts into his vagina including the iron rod, made him drink his own urine and ate the cockroaches, put the firecrackers into his anus and meledakanya, forcing Furuta to masturbate, cutting his nipple with pliers , dropped the barbell into his stomach, and burned it with cigarettes and matches (one of the burns was a punishment for trying to call the police). At a point Furuta's wound was so severe that according to one of the kidnappers, Furuta needed an hour or more to crawl down the stairs to use the bathroom. They even say it's possible if 100 people know if they arrested Furuta in the house, but this is not clear what it means 100 people just know or they also raped and tortured while visiting the house. The kidnappers refused to let Furuta go, though Furuta often begged them to kill him and to end the suffering for not being able to get any more sadistic torture from them.

On January 4, 1989, by reason of the defeat of one of the kidnappers playing the mahjong, the four kidnappers beat Furuta with an iron barbell, poured matches on his feet, his hands, his stomach, his face, and then burned it. Not too long, he passed away in that day because he got shocked. The four kidnappers stated that they did not realize how badly injured Furuta was, and they believed that Furuta was just pretending to be dead.

The killers hid his corpse in a 55-gallon drum and filled it with cement. They threw the drum in Tokyo. What a sad torture this young girl received. This is one of the saddest tortures in the world.

Detention and Punishment

The kidnappers were arrested and tried as adults, but because Japan handles crimes committed by minors, their identities are hidden by the trial. However, a week later, a weekly magazine called Shukan Bunshun published their name, stating "human rights are not needed by savage criminals." They also publish Furuta's real name and details about his personal life and publish it very passionately in the media. Thursday I was charged as the leader of the kidnappers, (whether true or not) according to the trial.

The four kidnappers were granted leniency by pleading guilty to "making physical injury causing death" charges, rather than murder demands. A man's parents sell their homes for a maximum of 50 million yen and pay them as compensation for the Furuta family.

For his participation in this crime, Thursday I had to serve 8 years in a juvenile prison before he was released in August 1999. In July 2004, Thursday I was arrested for harming an acquaintance, whom he thought kept his girlfriend away from him, and boasted about his family before harm his acquaintance. Thursday I was sentenced to seven years with a beating demands. "Beating 7 years in prison, while torturing Furuta to death in prison eight years? Is this the law of a just state? "

Junko Furuta's parents were shocked by the sentence received from his daughter's murderer, and joined the community group against C's parents whose home was the place of captivity. When some problems arise from the evidence (the cement and hairs obtained from the body do not match the captured captors), the lawyer who handles the community agency decides not to help them anymore because there is no evidence that there is no case or indictment. There is speculation that the evidence they obtained was obtained from unidentified people who raped or beat Furuta.

One of the most disturbing of these Furuta stories is that the Furuta killers are now free. After making Junko Furuta through various sufferings, they are free kidnappers now.

All these frightening things were done to Junko Furuta and collected through a trial in Japan from 1989. They show that the pain experienced by Junko Furuta is experienced insistently before he dies. All this happened to him while he was alive, it was very disturbing but this is the reality.

Chronological Kidnapping
Day 1 (November 22, 1988)
• Kidnapping
• Caged as house arrest, and forced to pose as one boyfriend's boyfriend.
• Raped (more than 400 times)
• Forced to call his parents and tell him he ran away and the situation was safe
• Hunger and malnutrition
• Feeding cockroaches and drinking urine
• Forced to masturbate
• Forced striptease in front of many people
• Burned with matches
• Incorporate all kinds into the vagina

Day 11 (December 1, 1988)
• Suffered countless hard wounds
• The face is injured as it falls from high to hard surface
• The hands are tied to the sky and the body is used as a means to be punched
• His nose is filled with so much blood that he can only breathe through his mouth
• Barbell fell into his stomach
• Vomiting blood when drinking water (stomach can not accept water)
• Trying to get away and punished with cigarette burns in hand
• Liquid-like liquid poured onto the sole of the foot, and the calf up to the thigh and then burned
• The bottle is forced into the anus, until it enters, causing injury

Day 20 (December 10, 1989)
• Can not walk well because of burns on the feet
• Beaten with bamboo sticks
• Firecrackers are inserted into the anus, then ignited
• Hand on the beating with heavy equipment until the nails broke
• Dipukulin with sticks and golf balls
Incorporate cigarettes into the vagina
• Dipukulin with an iron rod
• It was a snowy winter and Furuta was told to sleep on the balcony
• Sate skewed into the vagina and the anus causes bleeding

Day 30 (December 20, 1989)
• Hot wax liquid dripped onto his face
• Layers of eyes burned with matches
• His chest was punctured by a needle
• Left pentil is crushed and cut with pliers
• Hot bulbs enter the vagina
• Severe sores in the vagina due to scissors
• Can not pee normally
• The wound is so severe that it takes an hour to crawl down the stairs just to use the bathroom
• The eardrum is badly damaged
• The size of the brain shrinks very much

Day 40 (December 30, 1989)
• Ask the torturers to kill him and solve his suffering

Day 42 (1 January 1989)
• Junko years alone
• His body is mutilated
• Can not get up from the floor

Day 44 (4 January 1989)
The kidnappers tortured her mutilated body with an iron barbell, using the excuse of losing the mahjong. Furuta bleeds in the nose and mouth. They watered his face and his eyes with burned wax. Then the liquid matches poured into the hands of the face, abdomen and burned. This final torture lasted about 2 hours non-stop. Junko Furuta died on that day also in pain and alone.

When compared with the punishment received by the kidnappers no one can beat from the pain received Junko Furuta. A very cruel atrocity against teenagers. How can peace if still filled with such biadad human beings.

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