Why Ratings are Rank: Am I Really 'Better' or 'Worse' Than You?

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It'll be rubbish. It only has a 5.5 on IMDB!' my husband says. He's ready to dismiss the film I've chosen for Friday night all out, based upon this all hallowed rating. I look at him pointedly. I'll have to explain it again slowly, just so he understands, and he'll get irritated for treating him like an idiot. '5.5. It'll be crap'.

Here we go. Darling. It's a science fiction film. That's a selective audience, right? So alot of people won't like it because they simply don't 'get' science fiction in the way we do, so won't give it a higher rating. Now remember we agreed that anything above a 6 is probably entertaining, especially on a Friday night when we are half brain dead with lower expectations? Plus, we like that actor. And that reviewer I trust - he said it's worth watching too. So let's bump it up by, say, 1? Give it a go? Let's not base our prejudgement on other people's judgements. Hubby knows he will lose an argument when it comes to sci-fi and zombie films. Most of the time he's smart enough to not get in my way. And the verdict? Yeah, it was more of a 6.5 - I don't know why people rated it so low. I'm right. Again.

The upshot of this is ratings are arbitary. They're guesswork. And even if some alogorithm or formula might make them fairly accurate, there are far too many other factors involved that that can make said rating innacccurate. I'm never going to love a 5 star luxury hotel because I don't like 5 star luxury hotels - they lack personality. I'm never going to eat at a 5 star burger cafe because it doesn't matter what others thing - I don't like burger cafes.

And I hate lists too that rank things from highest to lowest. How can YOUR favourite numer one travel destination be mine? I hate lists of '5 Best Things to Do Whilst in...'. How could you possibly presume that they'll be what I really want to do? Okay okay, I can concede it's a guide and I should take it as such, but sheesh. You just make me want to ignore it in stubborn protest. Don't tell me what to like - I'll figure it out ALL BY MYSELF.

And don't say she is pretty than... or he is smarter than... just.... stop!


This logic applies to reputations on Steemit also. Please don't tell me that @soandso is amazing just BECAUSE he has a 73 rep and please don't suck up to him in your comments just because of that - 73 rep people write shit posts too, sometimes. Or often.

Whilst last week I waxed lyricals about uppers on this platform, one thing that bugs me is the reputation score. If there's someone on Steemit with a 70 reputation whose values or subject matter I disagree with, I'm not going to follow them and upvote their posts and obsequiously comment because they have a 70 reputation. And I'm certainly not going to ignore the 25 reputation newbie because they are beneath me in some arbitrary reputation scoring algorithm that still doesn't make sense to me. I'm going to follow my own subjective scoring, ticking boxes on my internal clipboard:

  • Is their content genuine and engaging?

    Are they good writers?

    Does the subject matter interest me?

    Do they respond to my comments, or have they commented on my blog?

    Are they nice people?

    I'm sure we all have some kind of system for rating someone that falls far outside the ratings system on Steemit.

    I'm debating whether to continue delegating to Steem-UA for this reason. There was some hype over it a while back because it offered a different kind of rating system that professed to be more fair. It's easy to buy bidbots, you see, or use other tricks to up your rating, and isn't therefore a genuine marker of superiority.

    For 25SP, I get a comment on my posts twice a week. For my post on chickens, which I thought was suprisingly successful, getting quite a few comments from people who seemed to genuinely enjoy it (thanks for writing that, Strawbum!) I got the following information on where my post stood in the grander scheme of things:


    I have begun to realise that whilst I enjoy this data, I don't actually track how I am going day to day or week to week. I don't even really know what this means. Is #50 good? Is 1623 good? I don't know. I'm not sure I even care. I know I'm doing well if I have lots of genuine votes from people who comment on my post or resteem it OR it meets some mark of my own, some internal standard that judges my own writing good or bad or somewhere in between. So when they say people are following me, and appreciate my work, and have good user engagement - I kinda know those things already, and don't need a score evaluation or indeed a score to validate me.

    I'm wondering if anyone else pays attention to these rankings on Steem UA. No offence to the team - I commend them for trying something different. Since it's inception, this ranking has changed nothing about my steem experience. In fact, it makes me feel kinda icky in the way competition can - like porn can make you feel good and feel dirty and wrong at the same time (not that I'd know, of course). Even the word 'rankings' kinda riles me - 'rank' is off course about hierarchy, which I disagree with politically, but it also means something disagreeable as in a rank smell or a deficiency - rank coffee, rank stupidity.

    I've never been one to be impressed with labels or with famous people. I tend to blink and say 'who?' or 'so what?'. It drives my husband crazy. 'But he was on that show! And he earns millions!' and I'm just not impressed. Big numbers don't impress me. He'll throw a big number at me - i.e it was 3456677 kilometres LONG! - and I'll just shrug. Whatever. Maybe it's a deficit in me. But I don't think so.

    We are all the same. We all love. We all desire. We all suffer. Don't throw numbers at me - open up your heart and bare your true self, the one that's full of love and light behind all those judgements and labels and superficial things that say 'I am this' and 'you are that'.

    I'm happy following my own ranking system. I won't let you know - I won't say you are my numero uno, or your post is number 76 out of the 100 posts I read this week. Or maybe I will - I can gush like that. But I'm not going to fawn over you JUST BECAUSE your reputation is 71, or ignore you because you are only a 31.

    Anyone seen a good zombie or sci-fi film lately?


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When you were talking about deciding whether a movie is good or bad, the first thing that came to mind was... but then you even mentioned it: zombie movies! Way back, when I discovered films like Evil Dead as a teenager, my friends and I all agreed: that movie was simply abysmal, on so many levels! Still, it didn't stop us from watching it again and again. There was clearly something about it we found highly entertaining. Eventually it drove us to seek out other such cheap horror movies with predictable story lines, fake-looking monsters, and hopeless attempts at acting. Later we discovered we were not alone: ever since Ed Wood people have been enjoying certain films specifically for being so "B". I would even dare to speculate that modern movies of the zombie-horror genre try to fit this profile, as I've heard / read the same 'wisdom' numerous times: "Those movies are good precisely because they're so bad."


Exactly!! I like zombie movies because I like to think what I would do in that situation as well, and love the idea of humanity having to restart... actually maybe I need to write a post on this... lol....

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Ha, no, I was making a user up. Crazy huh? Thanks you lovely little useful bot. You are my number 1 favourite bot.

Aw, and here I was thinking my recent level up to 63 would earn me some bonus goodies. Shucks! 😁

Yeah, ignoring low rep content just because the person is not a Whale is just silly. And for films, I've seen indie films that were WAY better than box office big films, some in festivals, others with big names in them, but small indie films that got low ratings, made very little money, and were amazing.

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Don't worry honey you're a 79 in my book and the bonus goody is a big kiss from me. I trust reviews even less than before because everything is paid content these days and it's super hard to find independent reviews.

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Aw, thanks! :)

Yeah, authentic and genuine reviews are hard to come by. Especially for apps. Like you see 5 stars with just a few sentences, and then 1 star and a rant. Now that's sketchy!

Anyone seen a good zombie or sci-fi film lately?

Braindead will -always- be my favourite zombie movie. ;)

As for the whole ratings thing. YEP. In big capital letters. Also, it drives me crazy when people don't think for themselves to work out what they do or do not like. "Famous Critic/Youtuber says it's terrible!!!! Nup. I'm not interested!"

A lot of my favourite books, movies, and videogames are "sub-par" according to rating systems. ;) But I know what I like!


I love Dawn of The Dead.. hmm.. don't think I've watched it this year yet...

I know peeps! Think for yourselves! Weigh it up! Don't be afraid to make your OWN INDEPENDENTLY YOU judgements.. it's okay not to follow the crowd...

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Haha! You sound like me.
"Oh my God, that was such and such!" Me: "who?"
I've given up even looking at rep scores these days. Although, to be honest, few people stay below even 40 for more than a day or two if they're actually posting decent, genuine content and comments.
We saw a film a little while ago and my dad was saying he'd heard it was no good and got slated. We told him we'd enjoy it and he mentioned that a reviewer said that it was not serious and they just cracked jokes. Errm, isn't that what makes it fun to watch?
I'm sure I could come up with a load of zombie and sci-fi flicks, but you might have already seen them all. Have you see the Aussie zombie film, Wrymwood? Kind of amusing and easy to watch.

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Oh I have! Have you seen 100 Bloody Acres? That's hilarious too (not zombie, but dark comedy, and the guy in it is starting to get big roles now). And I loved Cargo too - it's filmed in the Flinders Ranges!

Is your Dad still in England?


I just came across Cargo when I was trying to find out the name of Wyrmword. Never heard of 100 Bloody Acres. I'll have to see if I can remember the names of those films this time. I wonder of any are on Netflix.

My parents are here. They followed us out about a year after we left. You try and flee to the other side of the world and get followed! 😂

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I have my own steem goals and the only real thing I measure or take stock of is how well Im doing against those. Discord is more & more of a time waster, as are the endless competitions that distract from my main game. I think the challenge for ANY social media or blogging platform is to know why you're there & have your own goals. After that, someone else's judgement matters less & less.

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Absolutely. We do have our own goals! I love the competitions and Discord - everyone's here for a different reason too!

Imagine reaching the Pearly Gates and all and everything in your life was given a rating. Hopefully, it's just an Earthling thing that we do to ourselves because we've been so accustomed to comparing everything ~ About ourselves and others.

One 'comparison' that's really beautiful though: A person's heart being weighed against a feather (of truth) ~ And only a heart that was as light as a feather could continue to the Afterlife. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Oh that's also a lovely quote! You are pulling out the good ones this week! There's a name for that comparing and judging thing we do (a Buddhist one.. name eludes me) and our brain just DOES it.. I guess we need to I.e cats are better pets than lions... but we took it waaaaay too far!!!

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