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RE: Seeking the tribe - where are all the active steemians in Britain?

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@perceptualflaws is in Devon. @digitaldan was up north somewhere but may have jumped ship. I can't get my sister in law on Steemit (she's near Radstock) as she is a Facebook addict. A shame as she would be a really interesting steam person. If I was there I would meet you in Brizzle.

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Thanks re @perceptualflaws - now added to the list.

Alas @digitaldan seems to have gone quiet.

Have you tried your sister in law on one of the growing band of dApps like Partiko, or Actifit, or Steepshot? Or even more specialist one like LetsEat or Tasteem for restaurant reviews? Or Steemhunt, or Fundition...

No. She is very stubborn. And she has a huge friend network who mostly are on Facebook so I can't see her changing her mind. She just laughed the entire concept out of the water. Like many people do Kama they just shut you down and when you mention the word cryptocurrency and don't want to hear about it. Whatever haha xx

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I have a sister in Radstock.....been trying to convince her too!

Ah really!!! She's actually in Chilcompton, or Stratton on the Fosse.... not quite Radstock, I was going ball park...

fair enough.....I was being a little bit ballpark too, my sister is in Writhlington (which is pretty close to radstock!)

Ha, yeah, know it. We lived in Clandown for a bit when I first moved to UK from Australia, before moving to Dorset.

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