Daddy Kid Interview On Arizona Mix Tapes

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The Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album released January 1st 2018 and is picking up an audience in Arizona! The heartland of America will get a taste of Daddy Kid's rap and be told the story of the album.
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Why is Arizona thirsty for Christian Sutter's Daddy Kid album?

Could it be the song Thirsty on the Powers of Ten album? I think Arizona is interested in my music because it makes people thirsty. I was contacted by a connect at Arizona Mix Tapes, and offered a time slot to appear on their online radio show.
People know Christian Sutter by CTSUTTER. Why did you release the album with the artist name Daddy Kid?
Believe it or not. The Take The Trump Train song attracted a few haters. There were threats made while I was playing my guitar in live broadcast. Daddy Kid is my rap outlet. I created Daddy Kid because I wanted to do a rap album. I felt that I should have a clear definitive between my acoustic guitar singing songwriting and rapping. That's how Daddy Kid is manifested in to being.
What's the best thing about being a music producer?
My career has come a long way. I've been able to meet a lot of celebrities. I've had the good fortune to have the opportunity to make music. The best thing about being a music producer is offering artists the ability to create their own version of Daddy Kid. To be a celebrity these days you need to have merchandise. Music as merchandise is something that offers the possibility to connect with your fans on apps like and LikeApp. I enjoy making other people happy and providing quality content that can go viral at any time!

How did you go viral on Election Day 2016 during the Presidential Election in the United States of America?

I can only explain so much! The key to going viral is to look sexy as possible! Once you can do that much! You're on your way! In truth, I manage a number of websites. At the time I was managing 25 websites. I created articles on a number of the blogs. I created connecting social media. Every day I would release a number of posts. Before election day I would schedule posts on Facebook with nearly all the available sub domains. Every article I created was firing off that day with various hashtags of interest. There was also a "good playing time" factor. The Hollywood movie term for capturing a moment like snow when it's snowing. I knew that election day was going to come, and that my song would be popular. I didn't expect to be the number one broadcaster in the world at some point that day. But, it happened because the user base of Periscope was familiar with me as well. The people that had great followings whom invited to the stream are also responsible for making the broadcast trend. I had 56,000 users subscribed on my multiples of Wordpress blogs at that time. I've rebuilt since. The following's are coming back to the websites and the growth rate is happening faster. I still have google analytics to configure on a number of the rebuilt websites. A few of the domains aren't going to be sustained. I'm keeping the great stuff and building for the future.

Did you get paid by Donald J. Trump to play your song?

The truth is that I've never really been paid to play the Take The Trump Train song. I did earn Periscope superhearts. But, before being able to cash in my account was suspended. I don't support Twitter and am no longer interested in the social media website. The investment to release the song on iTunes didn't result in making any profits or finding any licensing placements. The thing about good playing time is that it's only good for the moment where interest is found. I did get a lot of respect from my local neighborhood. The kids in the are like the Trump Train remix the best.
Who are you voting for in 2020?

I'm trying to move away from the political path honestly. I haven't decided who I will be voting for in 2020. There's one thing Trump did that's slightly unsettling to me personally. Releasing top secret classified files of JFK to Oliver Stone bothers me a lot. I see Oliver Stone as a treason offender that violated the Son of Sam Law with the production of Snowden 2016. I think that's enough reason to jump off the Trump Train. But, Donald J. Trump did say that he would keep America guessing. As far as I can see it looks like the passing of classified information to someone that aided and abetted Edward Snowden. When you consider the fact that justice is broken in America. It's real, Glenn Greenwald committed his own act of treason leaking classified information via The Intercept. Meanwhile, the department of justice doesn't do anything about the multiples of treason offenders living in the United States of America. I don't know who I'll vote for in 2020. If the JFK leak ties Donald J. Trump as a comrade of the treason leaks? Than, it's going to be difficult to vote for him in 2020.

How is the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album performing?

It's like starting anything from scratch. In 2017 Daddy Kid didn't exist. In 2018 Daddy Kid is getting a lot of Spotify spins. I tell my fans; "SPIN MY MUSIC ON SPOTIFY AND PUT IT ON LOOP! LET IT SPIN ALL DAY!" I've been getting a lot of spins on Spotify for the song Want To Smash. The song is a tribute to vLoggers and I think that's why the audience is attracted to it primarily. I also market that song with a website called! I knew that song was going to be one of the best performers before releasing the album.
Do you really think Kanye is racist?

The talk about the use of words is partial to what could happen when confronting the situation. I think the NWord is a racist term and that artists have to be sensible. The movement for equality is one that's serious. I confronted the topic by saying that it's racist to use the NWord in your music. Many will battle that with the alternate meanings for the word. However, the word creates a dangerous double standard that creates a division among the people. People take serious offense to the word if it's said by a white person to a black person. If it's said by a black person to a black person it's not offense. That's a classic double standard. Kanye didn't make a statement back about his Ye release. He has the right to do what he wants with his music. I have the right to offer him peace and a debate. I feel that if Kanye West was to debate me that it would end with a change in his lyrical choice. The decision to free his music from use of the NWord could make more artists take on the challenge. There are much better words that can be used in lyrics. If, Kanye West didn't have the NWord on Ye. Than, I would have purchased the album. He doesn't need the money! Kanye married Kim and she's rich as ladies come these days. But, if he wants to earn my respect back. Than he needs to drop the slut shaming and NWord from his lyrics. I don't think he's racist in the sense of a true racist. He's married to Kim Kardashian whose caucasian. Kanye knows whats up. You have to make waves if you want to make it big in the music industries ocean. Even Dennis Rodman is trying to shout at him to do a peace song. It's part of the lifestyle to challenge those in the industry. Think of how revolutionary Kanye West's movement toward equality would be if he did the Peace song and dropped the NWord from his vocabulary. That would be a lot for the press to talk about. I've been an activist since producing the song 4Hoods with Sajee Morroco after meeting The Jersey Four. I want to see people get along rather than be divided.
Ready for this interview tonight? Are you going to freestyle for the fans?

Absolutely ready! I can freestyle! If they play a beat and want to freestyle rap it's an opportunity I won't refuse.
Find tonight's Phoenix Phridayz interview with Daddy Kid on Arizona Mix Tapes!

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