“Repollo” Memberships for Delegations - Delegate and receive upvotes up to $ 0.60 SBD

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Now After several months of working on this, the repollo team has decided to launch our memberships for users who delegate SP instead of following the curation trail itself. They work in a simple way: You will receive an upvote of certain value depending on the amount of Steem Power that you delegate to the project.

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In the next table, you can see all the different memberships and their respective benefits. The rewarded % is approximately 1000% of the delegation made.

MembershipsDelegated SPN°Upvotes per weekUpvote Value approximatelyWeekly Income
Black Widow507 weekly$0.05 SBD$0.35 SBD
Captain America1007 weekly$0.10 SBD$0.70 SBD
Ironman2507 weekly$0.21 SBD$1.5 SBD
Hulk5007 weekly$0.40 SBD$2.8 SBD
Thor1,0007 weekly$0.60 SBD$4.2 SBD
Thanos2,0007 weekly??

It's important to mention that we have a Curation Trail with more than 145 followers that together they make around 18K SP, which together with Repollo becomes in an approximate $0.85 of upvoting value. You can look at our Trail data here. So it is more likely that the amounts generated by the trail are greater than those expressed in the previous table. We will be relaunching our Trail memberships soon. And thanks to the 2 Witness who are supporting The Repollo Project: @cervantes delegating 4,000 SP and @upheaver with 1000 SP (+3K SP upvoting in the Trail) we can deliver better rewards to our members.

How do we select the upvoted post?

Your post can be selected for an upvote in two different ways; the 1st is to set an automatic vote, but taking care of our VP we could not do this with all our users, therefore we developed the 2nd way: In our Discord we have a special channel with the name of your membership, you will be assigned to that role so you can promote your post there. Our team selects the posts and upvote it with the % according to the membership you own, You should receive it in a few hours after that; although sometimes it could take a couple of days, so we recommend you share your post there as soon as you create it. For more information, you can contact us at Discord Channel.

Quality Standard

We take care of the quality of the upvoted content, so the fact owning a membership does not force our hand to upvote poor quality content. It needs to meet basic requirements: No plagiarism and no copy paste, Originality above all things. Markdown and quality of photos. It is necessary that before delegating SP for the membership you send a request to enter in our Discord channel and go to #aplicar-apply so our mod-team can review your blog and decide if you meet the basic requirements so they can accept you. Send your Steemit profile with the name of the membership you wish to acquire.

Launching Promo!

If you decide to delegate before this post reach 7 days you will receive an upvote with 10% extra on your first month with us.

Delegate Now!

Black WidowCaptain AmericaIronmanHulkThorThanos
Delegate 50 SPDelegate 100 SPDelegate 250 SPDelegate 500 SPDelegate 1,000 SPDelegate 2,000 SP

Repollo is a Project that Works based on memberships from the users that delegate SP or/and join our Curation Trail. Repollo is supported by 2 steemit witnesses, @cervantes & @upheaver, if you upvote them you support better rewards for the members of the community.

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Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://repollo.timeets.com/2018/11/12/repollo-memberships-for-delegations-delegate-and-receive-upvotes-up-to-0-60-sbd/


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