Where We Stand (unless you can think of a better title)

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Can you think of a better title for this? We will throw it into the hat and see if it gets drawn.

This is just showing everyone that we don't always see eye to eye. We do, however, try to embrace our differences and look at things from different angles.

Feel free to throw your two cents in, as we would love to see where you are coming from.

Also, let us know if there is a topic that you would like covered to see where we stand on it. We can form opinions on anything.

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://reactionaries.ca/2018/07/31/where-we-stand-unless-you-can-think-of-a-better-title/

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lol... you guys must have some great convos every day... very fun

I'm a little worried about your drug cravings, I know last show you both mentioned doing crack too, so while I guess anything can happen in a video, I do like that you guys seem to have good smiles and talk some good nonsense for us. It would be a shame to miss your witty comebacks to each other, not to mention you both have good teeth :P

Very good... I give it a 5 tomato rating for ingenuity and entertainment!

Thanks for watching and commenting @davemccoy. I wanted @profanereviews and I to dress up like sportscasters and debate the merits of a post like this in the video comments since i could tell it was going over like a lead balloon. Now we don't have to. Thanks for saving my pride.

@reactionaries lol... I love to see you guys in your videoclips... I bet you are a lot of fun to hang out with at a party! And in case you didn't know, a 5 tomato rating is very good... We love tomatoes in my neck of the woods in North Carolina, so getting 5 of them together is very cool! And you of course stole the show with that lovely rendition of how life works and what happens when we die! I can see that @profanereviews has a lot to learn from you and I hope he pays the proper attention when you speak! :P

Thank you for always getting me @davemccoy. I love tomatoes and all of their saucy goodness.
I believe that @profanereviews merely humours me in order to get me talking about my outlandish theories, but I don't mind. I do love to share them!!!!

@reactionaries lol... I love tomatoes too :P ... And he is quite crafty when it comes to baiting you... I think he enjoys hearing them too :D

I'm 4 minutes in and already cackling ;P ... SO glad I didn't miss the voting window too... phew. Got it paused now and will come back after lunch... This is my favourite thing to talk about ;) (atheist too, btw).

Perhaps a spiritual podcast where we debate the merits of a life untethored to the Christed One?

Funny you should mention that ^^ .. I've been planning to start a podcast for a few weeks now called "Intense Discussions" ... Not only about religion etc but about many different controversial subjects.

I can't think of a better one, but I'm thinking it should revolve around the CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIFE haha! Even if you guys bounced around with regard to topics, I was just so transfixed with everything. You two make for such entertaining discussion!

Speaking of, I know we aren't nearly as entertaining, but we've recently uploaded the answer to your Mandelsage Challenge nomination. It was a fun experience, so thanks to you and @profanereviews for giving us the opportunity to pitch in! :D

If I didn't already say this somewhere, I really enjoyed your challenge vid. I love getting to know the people I am meeting on Steemit. Also, if you could record your own interpretation of 'Circle of Life' from Lion King, I will be so unnecessarily and disturbingly excited, it will simply make my day. No pressure tho. :)

HAHA! Funny you should mention that. As I mentioned in the video, my wife and I got married a few months ago. In our reception, we had a dance thing at the start, and the intro to the Circle of Life was my entrance hahaha! My groomsmen hoisted me up like Rafiki hoisted Simba haha! Also, I can't believe @profanreviews didn't know the Lion King!!

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OH MY GOD THE REWARDS JUST KEEP COMING. I don't know what to say. First of all, thank you dear Steemit, for the fat stacks of sweet sweet internet money coming my way. xoxox

"Well, you can but you don't know how because you won't take hallucinogens"

Gerri's expression right after saying this:

XD ... I'll be doing a POST to respond to this video.

This made me laugh. Oh yes.