Turkey South+East Food Tour | 土耳其东南美食之旅

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Ironically we haven't tried any dish made from the turkey bird, but the people here probably don't realize the link between the English word for turkey and the name of their country.

So we've learned that each city has their own special dish or dessert, so we'll share the ones we've been introduced to by the many friends we've met. The name of the dishes will include the city's name in italic.

所以我们了解到每个城市都有自己的特色菜或甜点,所以我们将分享我们遇到的许多朋友介绍过的菜。 菜肴的名称将包括城市的斜体名称。

Mardin Lokum

Lokum is the name for Turkish delights. It is so much better than the ones we had back home (in those Cadbury Rose boxes). They come in all sorts of flavour: rose, chocolate, milk or fruit. The fillings can include fruit pieces, nuts and chocolate cream. Forget about your bad experience eating those awful Cadbury Turkish delights and come to Turkey to try the real thing!

Lokum是土耳其美食的名字。 它比我们回家的那些好得多。 它们有各种风味:玫瑰,巧克力,牛奶或水果。 馅料可包括水果块,坚果和巧克力奶油。 欢迎来到土耳其尝试真实的东西吧!

Pink on the left is rose water flavour coated in rose petals

_Diyarbakir_Menengic Coffee

Turkish drink coffee in cute tiny cups, or espresso cups as they're more commonly known. The traditional coffee are served with a cup of water and some sweets. Our favourite coffee was Menengic which was milky and sweet. Similar as the Turkish coffee, the drink contain the coffee ground so you can't drink it all. It takes getting used to avoiding the grounds.

土耳其喝咖啡在可爱的小杯子,或浓咖啡杯。 传统的咖啡配有一杯水和一些糖果。 我们最喜欢的咖啡是Menengic,它是乳白色和甜的。 与土耳其咖啡类似,这种饮料含有咖啡粉,因此您无法饮用。 它需要习惯于避免地面。

Şanlıurfa Turkish Breakfast

Our first time having a full out Turkish breakfast. It was a lot of food and difficult to try everything. We ended up eating the remaining scraps to show our appreciation (and because we were hungry cyclists). Although the name include "breakfast" we had it for brunch and in some places you could even have it after lunch. Items include but not limited to:

  1. Honey
  2. Roasted eggplant (with spices) and tomatoes
  3. Börek (baked filled pastries)
  4. Sliced olives
  5. Persian egg & tomato
  6. Omelette with Turkish Sucuk (like salami)
  7. Clotted cream, or "kaymak"
  8. Plaited cheese, or "Urfa peyniri"

我们第一次吃完全土耳其早餐。 这是很多食物,很难尝试一切。 我们最后吃了剩余的碎片以表示我们的欣赏(因为我们是饥饿的骑车人)。 虽然这个名字包括“早餐”,但我们还是吃早午餐,有些地方甚至可以在午餐后吃。 项目包括但不限于:

  1. 蜜糖
  2. 烤茄子(用香料)和西红柿
  3. Börek(烤制糕点)
  4. 切好的橄榄
  5. 波斯蛋和番茄
  6. 土耳其Sucuk煎蛋卷(像萨拉米香肠)
  7. 凝结的奶油,或“kaymak”
  8. 编结的奶酪,或“Urfa peyniri”

Gaziantep Baklava

The city of Gaziantep is the birthplace of Baklava. It is a very sweet dessert pastry, made with filo, nuts and syrup. If you're not a sweet tooth you'll only want 2 and no more! This sweet is popular in the Middle East and Central Asia. Delicious, but very very sweet. When you take a bite into the baklava, it is soft and "wet" with syrup. By all means it's delicious, but some people might be put off by how drenched in syrup this sweet is. 加济安泰普市是果仁蜜饼的发源地。 这是一种非常甜的甜点糕点,用filo,坚果和糖浆制成。 如果你不是甜食,你只需要2而不是更多! 这种甜味在中东和中亚很受欢迎。 美味,但非常甜。 当你咬一口果仁蜜饼时,它是柔软的,并且用糖浆“湿润”。 无论如何它都很美味,但是有些人可能因糖浆浸透了这种甜味而被推迟。

Adana Kebap

Adana kebap is country famous, it was a dish highly recommended by everyone we met on our travel and we were lucky to try it in the originating city of Adana. The kebap is a plateful of grilled mutton, chicken and liver sitting on oiled pieces of fresh warm bread. The area is also known for eating spicy food, so on the side is grilled tomatoes and hot green peppers.

Adana kebap是乡村着名的,这是我们旅行中遇到的每个人都非常推荐的一道菜,我们很幸运地在阿达纳的原始城市尝试过。 Kebap是一盘烤羊肉,鸡肉和肝脏坐在涂上新鲜的温暖面包。 该地区也以吃辛辣食物而闻名,所以一边是烤番茄和热青椒。

For a 35 Liras dish, all the side salads were complimentary

That's all for now. We promise to keep eating and write about more food we come across.

现在只有这些。 我们承诺继续吃东西,写下我们遇到的更多食物。

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