CR7 | 20180727 ( Poetry ) #61

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You like the wind
Sharp like a knife
Words can not translate all of you
Even the mute painting

Now you are wandering to the zebra home
They welcome you like brothers
Done your story here but not there
They love you like we did

Juventus, that's your home now
I did not stop you
We do not hate you
You have given love and are still attached to our heart

Goodbye Cristiano Ronaldo
Good luck always be yours
Thanks for the art and and the attractions
Thank you for everything you have done well

Original poem is in bahasa


Kamu seperti angin
Tajam seperti pisau
Kata-kata tidak mampu menerjemahkan semua
Bahkan lukisan bisu itu

Sekarang kau sudah mengembara ke kampung zebra
Mereka menyambutmu layaknya saudara
Putus sudah ceritamu disini tapi tidak disana
Mereka mencintaimu seperti yang telah kami lakukan

Juventus, itulah rumahmu sekarang
Aku tidak menghalangimu
Kami tidak menbencimu
Kamu telah memberi cinta dan masih melekat dihati kami

Selamat jalan Cristiano Ronaldo
Semoga sukses selalu menjadi milikmu
Terima kasih atas seni dan dan atraksi
Terima kasih atas segala persembahan

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I will appreciate all your support
Thank You

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Thanks to all the friends who has helped me in writing. Thanks to all the creative communities for their support. Thanks to all who love my poetry

happiness are achieved by struggling and patiently undergoing the process
the ability to accept reality will explain who you really are

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Ronaldo terbaik...
Dimana ada Ronaldo
Di situ aku singgah
Semoga Juventus makin bangkit...


Hehe,,iya om dukung ronaldo supaya main di steemit juga😎wakawaka

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