How to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria

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How to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria? How can I navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria? How to navigate through Business challenges in 2019. This is a question asked by many small business organizations in Nigeria. Surprise, we have got everything you need to be a young billionaire. Continue reading to know how to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria.

A lot of entrepreneurs exist in Nigeria in all possible trades from electronic goods, consumer goods, services and much more.

But the general challenge, entrepreneurs face is converting their current business status to where they want to get it.

I learnt a lot today on a seminar tagged “Navigating through Business Challenges” of whom the keynote speaker was “Iyamu Osagie Lovely”, a top notch photographer in Benin. The seminar was organized by HIC (Higher Impact Club). I will like to take you, my readers on this journey as this was really explosive.

Understanding how to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria

Before you do anything, you must first understand the concept at least in normal


 Navigating is being able to go through a process. It is also the ability to maneuver a path. It is the ability to find or discover a channel or route.


This is the process in which transactions are carried out between two parties. It is also organized efforts and activities of buying and selling with the intention of making profit.


These include trials, obstacles, pains.

Having defined this terms,

Let's move to the next segment,

To navigate through life, you need to have to 5D's of Life

These 5 things must guide you daily.

5D’s on how to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria


This is a guidance or supervision of an action or conduct. This involves knowing your root.

Just as in practical world, if even you have an address, you still need to direction on how to get there. Your address in this case is where you want to be in the future. The direction is what you need to do to get there.

Of course, your address is what gives you direction hence you need to know what exactly what you want.

The direction helps you discover your niche, marketplace and target audience.

You have to do market survey and find out what exactly your target audience needs.


This is the act of deciding. It involves having a fixed intention. For example”, Promise Ekpo is determined to get to the point of being the best business blogger in Nigeria".

It is normal to be afraid. But, don't ever allow your fear to overshadow you.


This is spending quality time with your business.

Just like a relationship, a business cannot flourish if you don't take time to build it into what you want it to be.

Try to look at what gives you pleasure, that's where your diamond is.

Your determination and devotion is blend of the decision you have made.


You must do whatever you desire. Don't be sad when go through pain in the process. For  example, as a passionate tailor, you should not be down when during sewing, the needle pierces your hand.

Your passion magnets customers to you. When you catch them, Bill them.


This is the biggest of them all. You can not know how to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria without discipline. In whatever you do, discipline is key. Discipline is an act of responsibility. Do not get carried away. Stay on track. Be moderate and decent especially as a femal.

Especially when your business involves interfacing with a lot of people, be disciplined.

Do not let fancy things entice you.

Realize that discipline comes from the heart.

How can i navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria

This is how to navigate through business challenges in Nigeria in 2019.

Now you’ve learnt how to navigate through Business challenges in Nigeria, Stay tuned to this business edition. More and more informative articles will be shared on this platform.  

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