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RE: Bitcoin Plummets Below $6,000- Why You Shouldn't Be Too Worried

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I agree, I try and take a much more long term view. I like your comparison to tech stocks after the dot com bubble. I bet any emerging tech took time to really get going, and if we compared to history, crypto would seem super fast! It's already in use around the world!


Thanks, @phoenixwren. Yes, I get frustrated when I hear people get all jumpy about the market doing what markets do, go up and down. I do feel empathy, though bc I realize alot of people are trying to make a living from their investments. It's not an easy thing to do. However, if people treat them as investments and hold onto them, it's going to pay off for them in the long-run.

I am one of those poor people, but trying to hold onto as much as I can. At least I have never had to power down Steem. 😊