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This week I went in search of some Steempress publishers on a #newsteem manual curation initiative.  Steempress publishers post content to their own WordPress sites, and this content is cross-posted to steem.

Steempress has an option to turn on bidirectional comments.  That means, users can leave a comment on the WordPress blog and this will be posted to steem.  And any comments left via the steem interfaces will show up on the WordPress blog.

The comments section is branded steempress and each WordPress blog that has their steempress comments turned on is promoting steem to content consumers.  To non-steem users.  The more bloggers we can get using steempress and steempress comments, the more familiar steem, and steempress as a brand will become known.  

For that reason, I went in search of steempress users that have the bidirectional comments turned on.  And today I want to highlight to you some amazing publishers promoting steem to the world.

I hope that you will show these publishers some support.  A meaningful comment on their blog is highly valuable and of course, a little upvote will also go a long way.  Remember people don’t need to come to steemit to find this content but let’s show the world how awesome the steem community is.


This post by @allyinspirit shows the process the created used adding video art to a song.  The photos used are all original and the end result is beautiful.  You can check it out for your self on the WordPress blog

@indiemusic has a WordPress blog about Indie Music.  This is a great blog that serves a large niche.  The blog is also open to other authors and the owner promoting posting on steem and onboarding. 

This latest post is a track review


@worldcapture is an amazing photographer and the photos shared throughout the blog are truly awesome.  I would highly recommend you take some time to browse this wonderful blog.  There is also a photo contents which makes it easy to engage with this artist.  The image above is from the latest post which you can access on his WordPress blog today

I’m actively searching for Steempress publishers – that have comments turned on.  I’m very eager to support steempress users with bidirectional comments as a steempress user myself, I want to support content that’s exposed to the world, not just the steem community.  So if you have a WordPress blog and you are using steempress, get those comments turned on a drop me a link to your blog in the comments below.


Thanks for the brain nudge, @paulag! I've been meaning to turn the two way comment thing on, but it fell out of my head. Maybe if I'd realized it was as easy as ticking a box and saving changes, I'd have done it sooner.... nah, probably still would've spaced it! 😂

I'm already following @allyinspirit's beautiful blog, and I plan to check out the other two shortly. Always happy to add more Steemians to my Word Press Reader! Speaking of, I've just started following - is that your main WP blog, or do you have another?

I've been sharing some @steempress-io posts lately for the Twitter hash tag #MondayBlogs, and these are the ones I follow who have the comments on -

And I'm shouting out here to the others I follow - @jaynie, @zord189, @plantstoplanks, @watersnake101, and @byn - to see if they need a brain nudge to activate their bidirectional comments too. 😊

Yepppere so glad you turned on your comments. Thanks for the names, I will for sure check out their blogs and for the gentle nudge, I hope they feel it 😁. Yep theexcelclub is my only active wp blog, at the moment 😉

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Coolness. 😎 😊

Oh, how stupid of me not to read the comments @traciyork! Thanks for the shout out. You can tell I am not awake - it's not even 5.30am...🤦🏼‍♀️

LOL! No worries, @fionasfavourites and you're very welcome. Funny thing - it's just about 5pm here, and my brain still isn't awake... 😂

And also to mention that to turn them on, you need to log in to your account on where you will also find your referral link.

Thanks a lot for the shoutout @Traciyork! There you go with that juju again!

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I've been using bi-directional comments for a while on

Fantastic, thanks...I will take a visit

Thank you so much for your kind words! They made my Sunday!

I hope you have a fantastic day! :))

You are most welcome. Enjoy your day 😉

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The recent Steempress roadmap shows great potential as a recruitment and promotion conduit for Steem.

I will start looking out for more Steempress blogs.

awesome - ping me if you find them :-)

Thank you for finding some good Wordpress blogs to curate. First time I curated using the bi-directional Steempress plugin.

its nice to try something new, steempress rocks. I just wish more people would use it

Hi @paulag!

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Is there a way to tell if the bidirectional comments are turned on from the Steem end?

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not that I know. so this was rather manual looking for them.

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Hello @Paulag!! I've recently seen your comment in the SteemPress' discord and I find your initiative here. It´s great that you take the work to gather the Steemians publishing in WP and creating strategies to connect with those publishing only in WP to invite them to Steem.
I take the opportunity to share my WP blog (spanish, 2-way-comments) and will be visiting the suggestions made here.
All the best for your projects!!

hi @leveuf and thanks for sharing your blog with me. I will be taking a look :-)

Thank you very much for your visit and promotion, @Paulag!! :)
I'll be following your blog for all your good advises for Steem and your Steempress news.
Best wishes for projects and life!!
P.S. Do you have a WP blog? I would like to visit too!!

I do indeed have a WP blog and a matching brand account here on steem. the account is @theexcelclub and the blog is My latest post should publish to steem later today, I don't normally set a delay from my blog to steem but I did this time just to test it out.

Thanks for letting me know!! I'm following now. Excel was always one of my "must learn" applications, specially as teacher following the progress of several students. I know there's a lot of uses for that tool which I only work in about a 10% capacity. Now I have good lessons to practice more. You've chosen a perfect theme for your WP blog, you can nicely scroll and have the posts at hand, and the presentation of your posts is so good!!
Glad to see all your Steempress initiatives I'll try to be in touch!!
All the best for projects and life, @PaulaG!!

how cool is that, if only getting new followers was always as easy

It looks easy but certainly you have a great work behind!! ;)

oh man, looking at all the posts leaves me no time to write myself hehehehheeh


Thank you for this. Not sure if you wanted the Steemit link or the WP one and now see my thought was right

Here you go - my latest post:

I am also calling over @traciyork, @plantstoplanks, @nickyhavey and @zord189, all of whom use Steempress. Will be popping back later to have a read of your selection.

Thanks again

Hay @fionasfavourites thank you so much for sharing your blog with me. I took a look and I really loved it.

And thanks for the shout outs too, its hard work trying to find all these people manually :-)

Thanks so much, @paulag!

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Thanks for the tag @fionasfavourites. I'll have to check my settings and see if I have that bidirectional thingy turned on. Going to be focusing on posting more from my website now as steempress is a pretty great plugin

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Good! I've been telling you so! You have to do it through the steempress dashboard ( and you can do it via the plugin.

I'll have a look when I get back from the money maker 😉

yeppeee....will be glad to see you turn it on

I think I had it on the whole time?

now you just need to post again

Oh yea, it has been a while 😁

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I started with steempress late last week, such a clever plugin.

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