Hey man, I haven't been shooting for a while. Been so bloody busy. Lot's going on and I'm sitting on a criminal case at the moment (Jury member) been over a week now and looks like it'll go for another week or so. It's a complicated (and brutal) one. Hope to get out this weekend though.

That's right, I remember your post about that coming up. The average person has no clue how much is involved in getting a case to trial much less getting a conviction for an offense. I'm glad they have a sensible, level-headed juror such as yourself.

It's very tough, the decision I mean. It's playing on my mind a lot. The case is a difficult one. I can't say more as you know.

Most of the time with criminal cases, if you go into it with an open mind and unbiased, nothing is as cut and dry as you would think.

When I was working in criminal and narcotic investigations, I would always work my cases from the viewpoint of a defense attorney. If I couldn't clear a person a suspect from that frame of mind, then neither could a jury or defense attorney. It is always so imperative to me to make sure that my evidence is true and pointing to the guilty party not someone at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, that's what's making it so difficult. I can go into the facts of course. When it's done I hope to be satisfied but then I'm only one of 11. It has to be a unanimous decision though as it's a murder.

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