The kingdoms of nature

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If we look around us, we can realize that we share our planet with a great diversity of organisms or living beings, such as: insects, birds, horses, reptiles, trees, fish in lakes and seas, among many others that exist in the Land. But, in addition to these, we are also surrounded by microorganisms, which although they can not be seen with the naked eye, we know that they exist, like bacteria and fungi, which are microorganisms that are everywhere, they are even present in our body. But we, to what kingdom do we belong


How many species of living beings exist on Earth?

Scientists have identified more than 3 million species or groups of organisms that share similar characteristics that can mate and reproduce, and much remains to be explored, which is why some scientists estimate that there may be millions more organisms in the depths of the oceans. and in the sea. tropical forests

The kingdoms of nature

In order to study the different species known until now, scientists have divided all living beings on Earth into different kingdoms or groups. The kingdoms represents a classification system to group all those living beings with similar characteristics. This classification system contains five kingdoms: Moneras, protists, fungi, plants and animals.

The 5 Kingdoms of Nature: Moneras, protists, fungi, plants and animals



All bacteria belong to the kingdom of monera. The moneras are unicellular organisms, these are formed by a single cell. The cell of the moneras has no nucleus like other cells.

Like other organisms, moneras can be divided into two groups, depending on how they obtain their energy. The oranisms that obtain energy producing their own foods are called autotrophs. On the other hand, organisms that can not produce their own food are termed heterotrophs. The heterotrophs can feed on autotrophs, in any case, all heterotrophs depend on the autotrophs to feed.

It has been proven that moneras appeared on Earth more than 3,500 million years ago and if it is estimated that the Earth is just over 4 thousand years ago, this means that moneras can be considered as the first forms of life in our country. planet.


In the Protista realm are most unicellular organisms with a nucleus. In addition to the nucleus, protists have special cellular structures that perform specific functions.

Some protists move like animals, but they have some characteristics of plants, they are green and can use the energy of light to make their own food simple substances. The protists were the first living beings with a single nucleus.


Fungi kingdom

Fungi form the Fungi kingdom. Most fungi are multicellular organisms, meaning they are made up of many cells.

Mushrooms are fungi, and so are the mold that appears in the remains of food that remain for a long time in the refrigerator, such as the black spots that form on the bread.

Until recently, fungi were classified as plants, but there are many differences between them and plants, one of which is that plants are able to use solar energy to create their own food and fungi do not. Mushrooms, like animals, must obtain their energy from another source.

Kingdom of Plants

The plants form the kingdom Plantae. Most of this kingdom is made up of multicellular organisms. The members of this group are all plants, trees, mosses, ferns and algae.


Animal Kingdom

Animals are multicellular organisms and form the kingdom Animalia. Animals have specialized tissues and most of them have organs and organ systems. Animals can not create their own food, they are heterotrophic. Unlike plants, animal cells do not have cell walls. We human beings belong to the animal kingdom because they have similarities with the characteristics that identify the organisms of this group.

Why are we from the Animal Kingdom?

Human beings are animals, we belong to the species Homo sapiens according to these characteristics:
Common name: Humans
Species: Homo sapiens
Gender: Homo
Family: Hominids
Order: Primates
Subclass: Euterios
Class: Mammals
Filum: Cordados

Below are other characteristics that identify humans with the animal kingdom:

  • Eukaryotic and multicellular cellular organization. -
  • Heterotrophic Nutrition.
  • All animal species reproduce sexually.
  • We can move.
  • The cells of man are organized in tissues and organs.

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