#Orcheva : C Logo Design, Its Free for you

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You searching a Logo for your Company or Organization?

Here I provide you a logo for your Company base on Alphabet, You must pay for it? its *FREE (including all editable files)


Logo Project Name : C Logo Design













Editable Files and Font HERE

For more information and others partnership/project, contact me on discord: orcheva#1303

or email me to orchevadesign@gmail.com


Thankyou for visiting me


Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://www.orcheva-design.com/2018/07/04/orcheva-c-logo-design-its-free-for-you/

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Pintar-pintar anak muda Aceh di Steemit. Keren karyanya @orcheva.. Sukses selalu :)


terimakasih buk..apakah ini akun fiktif? 🤣🤣


Bukan.. Baru aktif lagi setelah 6 bulan vakum 😊


kiraiiiin... :D

terus aktif