1st opt2date with Bertille

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Hello everybody,

today, Monday 21st of January, was the @opt2o board meeting with the participation of the executives, Helmut & Christoph @manncpt as well as with @bertille-aa.

She has recently joined opt2o as an intern as part of her master's degree in European project management at the University of Caen (France). She helps the @GlobalSchool project as Program Manager until the end of March.

The news we want to share with you today are the following:

  • New dates for the Community Brunch, that will take place every second Monday at Hug Inn Vienna starting from the 4th of February. Contact the optioneers to eat and meet with the team.
  • opt2o events planned: Tea time at Hug Inn Vienna on February 22nd and a Changemaker Hangout on March 22nd.
  • Check the Fundition Crowdfunding campaign
  • Here you get the Patron4change Newsletter

Join the steem blockchain workshop this Thursday with @reiseamateur from 2pm to 4pm at Hütteldorf Hostel (Schloßbergasse 8, 1130 Vienna).

Thank you for your attention and support!

The next opt2date report will be published on February 4th.

Authors: Bertille & Christoph

Email [email protected] to find out more about the program in the next months.

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Thank you for your help @bertille-aa, we are really fast together! ;)


Well done! :)


Thank you bro! ;)


This is what we want to see. ;)

Thank you for the opt2date @bertille-aa & @manncpt!



Mission accomplished. The next opt2date with @bertille-aa will be published February 4th.