So, what do grubs ACTUALLY taste like?

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Gone are the days where eating insects are viewed as icky challenges done in reality TV game shows. Insects are the food of the future.

insect dish
Picture by @entomophagist (Instagram)

Did you know that bugs require nearly 1,000 times less water to produce than a pound of beef, and release fewer greenhouse gases? Not only are they a much more environmental-friendly alternative, there’s also a vast range of safe-to-eat species with tons of different tastes.

They Taste Great And We’re Not Lying

We get that whole “Bugs are disgusting” perception that most of you must be thinking as you read this, but let us explain why they don’t taste as bad as you think…

Grubs taste like what they eat.

In fact, it is proven that insects are some of the world’s most taste-malleable food. Yes, they are literally what they eat. And because bugs come from various places, feeding on different flowers, fruits, and plant matters - the potential of flavour is almost endless.

So if we’ve been feeding our OMNI Grubs nothing but fruits, they’ll taste sweeter. We know, because we’ve tried them – both freshly boiled and lightly fried.

What Does Each Bug Taste Like?

  • Locusts have a peanut or chicken flavour to them
  • Big crickets taste like nutty chicken
  • Smaller crickets taste like nutty shrimps
  • Stink bugs, contrary to their name, taste like apples!
  • Tarantulas tastes like earthy crustaceans - some say even better than seabed feeders like lobsters or crabs, given that arachnids catch their preys live.
  • Wax moth caterpillar larvae taste like enoki mushrooms and pine nuts
  • Bee larvae tastes like bacon and chanterelle mushrooms
  • Giant water beetle has the consistency of a red snapper and tastes like melon soaked in banana

What Does OMNIVORI’s Grub Taste Like?

We’ve eaten our grubs many times, prepared in many ways. We’ve roasted them, boiled them, dehydrated them, and fried them in some freshly chopped chilies. While all of them taste great (nutty, meaty, chunky), the most flavourful one of all are our Roast Grubs which is currently sold for pets.

roast black soldier fly larvae

As for the boiled ones, the texture is more difficult to chew – imagine trying to chew through shrimps with their shell on. That’s what it’s like. Taste wise, our boiled OMNI Grubs taste like soft shell peanuts with a burst of flavour when you bite down hard.

But don’t let us tell you how they taste like, try one for yourself if you ever get the opportunity to and be surprised!


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