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RE: Reverse bounties: how do we fund development through Steemit of different apps and features?

in #steempress6 years ago

this is great stuff. i'd love to see reverse bounties from steemit devs.

the whole dev hub could be revamped: the docs need to be be improved and they could be more transparent about who makes code changes and what they are.


Thanks @ntomaino. The code changes for steemit are all in GitHub and out in the open AFAICT. It's unclear what the deployment process is, and yes, would be good to have an end user readable change log.

I'll look into the steemit repo a bit more and see.

(Or did you mean something else by Dev hub?)

i know they're in Github, but not easy for a non-dev to follow.

I've been pushing for them to implement something like this:

I've tried building my own curation bot with the current docs and I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm a very novice coder, but they should strive to make it easy for a novice to build.

I'm a novice coder too, but a good code groomer and doc writer :) The people who are good coders often aren't great at HOWTOs and technical writing. With code moving this quickly, I don't know that it does make sense for them to pause and onboard coders. Does it make sense for long term code building? Yes, but often other, external projects, like @jesta's stuff, is what actually makes it easier for others to build.

Happy to collab on something, I think there was some open source bots already that we can likely extend.

Have you tried steempress? We really need people to just try it. Maybe you and I can actually run a steemit-hunt instance, what do you think?

lets do it!

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