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I went to Taipei in the year 2017 myself. "Finally, I'm here" was the first sentence that I said when I step off the plane and leaving Taoyuan Airport. One of the best feeling ever. 4 hours ride alone without headphones, reading materials or anything to kill time is really isn't fun, but it all worth it after stepping the first step out from the plane.

Currency Exchange & Phone Data 

Lets just play safe and bring USD for currency exchange. As for 100 USD please do not bring 1996 notes as they Taiwan do not accept 1996 notes. “The old-design dollars are not acceptable even in China and Russia. They also demand the new-design dollar,”   Click here to read more.

Phone number for Data. You can buy your number before and after heading out the immigration gate. If you came out late from the plane and everyone is queuing, just leave and find another counter outside. There are counters to buy them so no worries, steady. 

Leaving Tao Yuan Airport : Take Bus or Train ?

I sat the train and I slightly regret it because it took longer than I expected. I thought that I was sitting the high-speed rail (高铁) but turns out I sat the Taipei MRT (refer image below, light purple line) and it took more than an hour to reach my destination.

My Long Journey to Main Station :  

  1. Bus fare 30 yuan from TaoYuan Airport (桃园机场) to TaoYuan HSR (高铁).
  2. MRT fare 160yuan from TaoYuan High-Speed Rail Station to Taipei Main Station (台北车站)

Once you reach the HSR, do walk around, cross a road and visit the Gloria Outlet. Discounts and branded pieces of stuff, street magic performance and food available there. People do bring their dogs there and this is something you don't get to see in Malaysia.

To the main station. Before entering any train, do take note with the time of arrival and what train you'll be sitting on which is displayed on the info screen. You can also check the train arrival time in advance with Google, so you can plan what time you can stay and walk around in Gloria Outlet. 

Reach Taipei Main Station

I have to find my way to my hostel. Based on what I see from Google Map, hostel should be about 10 minutes of walking distance from Main Station. I was wrong, it took me half and hour to find my way out. Train stations and underground mall are all linked together. For first timer, you definitely will get lost and couldn't find the sun and the sky. I'm Literally trapped underground . 

Flip Flop Hostel - Garden (

This place is gorgeous! Minimal, clean, spacious, and it's newly built. They do provide all the basic stuff like Free breakfast, Towel, Water Dispenser, Hot water for bath, Hairdryer, Wi-Fi and etc. 500 yuan per night @ 6-bed dorm is considered cheap for accommodation.

For the 6-bed dorm, I was sharing this room with 3 male. It's a mixed dorm. And we ignore each other's presence. So, no worries, there's nothing to feel insecure. We only get to talk in the room when I approach them and give them food before I leave Taipei. 

I am so blessed with this bed. I got extra space to put my luggage bag, I don't need to climb up to my bed and I get to sleep beside the window so I could wake up on time (7am) when the sky is bright.

Xi Men Ding (西门町) 

Night walk at Xi Men Ding. My friend keep telling me that his cousin manages to find a pair of sport shoes which only cost about 250yuan. So maybe I thought could hunt some cheap good stuffs, but somehow I didn't. No luck.

I wanted to visit the Red House Theater but it's renovating. I don't know what to feel   And the H&M there reminds me of Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur's H&M, they do look similar as it is located at the side of the building. One of the best part is that there's so many cosmetic shops here such as 小三美日, SASA & Watsons where you can hunt for cheap(er) cosmetics. Buy more if you can! 

By simply walking, I came across to this shop that sells duck meat noodles and pork meat noodles. I ordered a small bowl of Pig heart (心脏) noodle for 80yuan. Still taste like pork, just without fats. Nothing special as its just normal plain soup with meat (清汤面). Refer image above for location.

I always tell myself that I have to eat ice-cream whenever I travel.    Lucky me, I accidentally came across to this old-school shop that sells blended stuffs and Ice cream. I ordered peanut ice blended for 60yuan (花生牛奶) plus 50yuan for my cup of ice cream (冰淇淋). Refer image above for location / address. 

America Street (美國街) is a good place to get all your instagrammable photos of graffiti and be broke with vintage clothing and streetwear. 

End of Day One 

If you were caught underground and couldn't find your way out, don't be shy, just ask anyone who is around you as they are willing to guide you. Maps are available in all stations and exits. Stay safe, good luck finding your way out and manage to see the sun or the moon.


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