Excellent post and a well-deserved nod from the trufflepig. I'll certainly be using this as a reference when I eventually approach the Confetti college in Nottingham. Thanks for taking the time to put this onto the steemit blockchain as I'm sure many folks will find it most useful indeed.

Thanks a lot @article61! Yes please do. I need to create another part or two about it but this will be a good starting point. I don't know if there's other projects going on in the steemit community where a non-technical guide can be used to help people get on board but I'd be happy to help out with that!

You're welcome buddy, it was a great write up. I know there are some good tutorials out there but it is just a case of remembering where to find them and checking to make sure they're not outdated due to HF20. Keep me posted if you find any useful info or post part 2 to your blog.

Yes that's something I need to write about in Part 2 for sure as the RC can confuse people. That's why I keep my contents page at the end of each Bluffer's Blog with hyperlinks to the relevant sections so it's all there.

I'll let you know about Part 2. Absolutely no idea when I'll post it haha, think I have more pies than fingers to put in at the moment lol!

Thanks for the motivation :)


Keep up the good work buddy. HF20 and RC still confuse me so I'm looking forward to reading that :)

Haha you and me both, we can bluff our way through this one together 😂

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That's just a google pic bro but glad it gave you a laugh all the same :D
I've decided that I am going to try and make a booklet detailing steemit and the basics of what it offers and how to sign up. I imagine I could create this at very little cost. If you know any good programs/software to use to do this then that would be very helpful.

And just seen that picture as it didn't load on Partiko - burst out laughing in the office, nice of you to pose for a photo for the cause haha!

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Thanks a lot TrufflePig! Appreciate you putting me in your chart! Take it easy :)

nice!! I like this for sure... keeping track and a chronologic order of events to help educate the masses... dope stuff... ill be checking in on this

Thanks for checking this one out man! Hope you find them useful and trying my best but won't be able to keep up with ALL the platforms as everything moves so quickly haha! If there's any glaring mistakes let me know but otherwise, enjoy the series!

Great Work on explaining everything in layman's terms, @nickyhavey ! Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks a lot Tapho! Appreciate the feedback, comment and re-steem! Hope people find it useful and can understand these sites a bit more :)

Great Work on explaining everything in layman's terms, @nickyhavey ! Upvoted and resteemed!

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