EOS - Gambling Paradise or Money Sink?

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I could lose a ton of money if I went too deep into the games on EOS. I'm going to tell you about one option that can give you the feeling of playing with big numbers while not losing all your EOS tokens.

While everyone else is losing all their stacks on EOS Bets, I'm taking my own sweet time losing my money on DEOS Dice! On DEOS, you can choose to play games using the DEOS token, which you can buy for pennies on Newdex.io or Dexeos.io. I bought a metric ton of them and now I'm smashing away on the dice roll button without a fear in the world. I can get the thrill of the win, without the sadness of losing my EOS. I can win big numbers and dream about a day when maybe those numbers will be worth something.

You know the drill!

Maybe you like losing EOS though! So DEOS has an option for you too! You can choose to play with EOS!

Give away all your EOS!

Or, if you are so inclined, you can even bet using other non-betting tokens like KARMA and HORUS or BOID! You can mine BOID all day on your computer solving scientific dilemmas, and then gamble those BOIDs away in delicious dice denouement.

Not happy with losing all your EOS? Gamble with your airdrops too!

Myself? I'm going to stick with losing all my DEOS tokens. I can afford more of them!


Have fun!

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Lots of gambling dapps. I why away from that, but the product is quality.

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