which cryptocoin to buy as a newbie in south africa

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Hey fellow followers if you are a newbie like me and trying to buy a coin but still cant wrap your head which one to buy then you are in the right place

First and foremost im a newb to cryptocurrency i have little experience with crypto but have learnt a thing or two

let me start at the beginning

2008 bitcoin launched their coin and by 2017 december the coin was sky rocketing,by mid year 2017 i started my journey to the crypto world by joining steemit "Yes steem and sbd were the first coins i arquired "

by 2017 bitcoin was around R250000 in south africa , thats a quarter of a million rands by these time i was totally bummed i didnt know what crypto was and how to buy it

im sure im not the only one

after receiving my first few payouts i started to buy coins with most of the payouts i got from steemit and i cant say its good but iam learning a lot and gaining some pretty good change from the coins i have been buying

so which coin should a newbie buy?

depending on if you have money or not the best cryptos ..my bet now is litecoin,smartcash and eos, thats for me of course

because i use my payouts to buy crypto i decided to invest in these coins but if you have some cash you can blow you can even go further and buy ethereum

You can use coinexchange to get more coins by trading your old ones

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