Sand lily - L·E·A·F· in Burgas 2

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Second art piece with Sand lily from the wonderful project L · E · A · F · of 140 ideas in Burgas.

Last year the artists - 140 ideas, paint over 20 separate objects in several cities of Bulgaria.

The second endemic species in Burgas area which they illustrated is a Sand lily, also known with other beautiful names - sea daffodil, queen of flowers or the Lily of St. Nicholas.

Sand lily street art in Burgas

Sand lily street art in Burgas

L·E·A·F· street art in Burgas

L·E·A·F· street art in Burgas

L·E·A·F· is a project, dedicated to the small world under our feet. Living in a world, where they trade you emptiness announced with big statements and put in shiny packages, distracts us from the real energy source and network, that we all are part of.

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