Planting cocoa reaches the future

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Cocoa is a plant originating from the Americas, now it has spread throughout the world. Plants originating from this tropical region are very well bred or become very promising agricultural commodities. At present this plant has become the main commodity for several regions in Indonesia. Plants that have fruit on the trunk of a tree or bear fruit along the stem. This plant is very suitable to be used as a plant that can generate income that is very promising, especially for farmers

This is a cocoa plant that begins to bear fruit with a brown fruit color often referred to as chocolate plants. The brown fruit cannot be harvested right away, it still requires a fairly long process until the fruit can be harvested.

This is the next stage the fruit color will turn green, when the harvest will arrive when the fruit has turned yellow.

Cocoa fruit has been harvested in yellow. It takes a very long process to enjoy in the form of rods or liquid. Cocoa fruit that is ready to be harvested, the seeds are taken to be processed further, namely by drying the seeds that have been separated from the fruit.

Dried cocoa beans are ready to be marketed for re-processing into cocoa-based foods. At present almost all regions in Indonesia have cocoa processing plants. For the Aceh region in Pidie Jaya district, processed cocoa beans have been marketed throughout Indonesia and have been exported abroad. When it has been processed the name has also changed to chocolate which is very enjoyable. Chocolate is very famous, which comes from Belgium, a country that is on the Continent of Europe.
Cocoa beans are processed into cocoa powder which has several health benefits including:

  • Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Reduces symptoms of depression
  • Improve brain function
  • Lower blood pressure
    Processed cocoa beans contain several substances between flavonoids and polyphenols which are well consumed to increase endurance. The benefits of this cocoa plant not only increase income but also increase endurance.
     Farming by growing cocoa plants does not require a large amount of land, now farmers in my area just use the land next to the house to plant these plants to improve their lives to reach a beautiful future.

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Thanks for sharing this cocoa cultivation post with us, we have indeed learnt from this post and find it of great importance to this community.


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Bereh that pak, nyan kajet tajak kenan, tamita yang masak meu 2 boh :D


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