The most successful platform for the statistical analysis of masternodes has its own cryptocurrency! MNPCoin

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Hello Steemians; how are you on this wonderful day? As many of you may know, at a time when masternodes have become popular amongst cryptocurrencies; it is the most energy efficient way to get rewards. As masternodes have become more popular, we masternoders need a platform/analytical site where we can see different measures of investment performance for masternodes; which is why many sites have been created. What we can see is that has become the main and most respected platform for reviewing these performance statistics. Aside from being just another analytical masernode site has created their own cryptocurrency coin. I personally find this to be something that is super impressive, because it allows us to understand that they are people with a lot of vision in what they do, they are establishing themselves as the best analytical masternode site. Before i delve into MNPCoin, Let’s take a look at the site/platform


What is

MasterNodes.Pro is a site that assists many potential masternodes investors, in a nutshell, it is a analytical site that is geared up to help navigate investors to coins that may fit their investment comfort zone. The site helps people who need to see the real and current statistics of the masternodes, so we as investors can make an intelligent investment. In July 2017 the MNP site was born. It has been very helpful; personally, in my opinion it is the best resource for obtaining real statistics. The surprising thing about this platform is that the team vets each coin they list, and does the bes that it can to protect the community from possible developer exit scams. The Team carries out a rigorous study of the coins it lists. In my experience all of the other competitor masternode sites do not properly vet the coins that they list. It is for this very reason that I do not like the other platforms, nor do I trust the statistics listed for those coins, the competitor sites seem to be only interested in listing coins in volume with no real vetting! MasterNodes.Pro does right by their community.

MasterNodes.Pro offers information on Annual ROI, Pricing, Change% in Price, Total MasterNode Count, Required coins for a masternode, Worth of a MasterNode, Monthly and Yearly ROI on MasterNode, Total Coin Supply, Market Cap, Masternode Block Reward, Daily Reward Earned, The latest blockchain data including Height and Hash, Wallet Data: Version, Protocol Version and Command Line Interface. 24 Hour Rewards Data and access to Github. MasterNodes.Pro also includes information on all coins social media’s, communication apps, announcements, website etc.

The MasterNodes.Pro team is not new to crypto, it’s a very seasoned and experienced team! The team seems to really have the best interest of it’s community at heart, aside from vetting and safeguarding the community from exit scams, at MasterNodes.Pro you will have the most accurate statistics. The team works tirelessly, and it’s pretty easy to reach support staff. The sites caters to a broad spectrum within its community. The community has core members from crypto enthusiasts, crypto novices, all the way to Pro/Expert masternoders.

Now that we have discussed the platform/analytical site a bit, let’s discuss what this article is about, the MNPCoin!"

What is MNPCoin?

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The team did not stay behind and think why not create our own token knowing that they are a great project is when by August 2018 they have officially launched their own currency which is mainly focused to be used in their network of websites and websites Affiliates When we say this to what we mean? all the users that enjoy the services relations with will be able to use our network of payments with the currency and to work in the sites without having to deposit our currency in each website. Something that astonishes is that the system is used as an innovative gift card wallet and that many will like it so they can be used in affiliate sites.

Benefits of MNPCoin

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Let's talk about the currency

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Statistics in record time

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When they ask me why I say in record time? As we can see from its beginning in August 2018 until today, 109 masternodes have been something really impressive because with so little time has been accepted by many people because they know it is a project with a lot of vision. In addition to this marvel we can add that:

  • 285.50% ROI ANUAL
  • 4,006,537.53454290 MNP Total Coin Supply
  • $1,286,520.00 Market Cap
  • Latest BlockChain Data: 108133 Last Block Height and a minute ago (Last Seen)
  • Wallet Data: 1020000 Version / 70010 Protocol Version / mnpcoin-cli (Command Line Interface)
  • 24 Hour Rewards Data: 61 s Average Block Time / 1,419 Blocks Last 24 Hours / 2 Hours Reward Frequency Per Node

Costs and earnings of a MNPCoin masternode

mnp coin profits.png

  • Coin Price: $0.2917
  • MasterNodes Cost: $2,917.12
  • Required Coins: 10,000 MNP
  • Daily Earned: 78.60542284 MNP
  • Coins Locked: 1,090,000 MNP
  • Daily Income: $22.88
  • Weekly Income: $160.17
  • Monthly Income: $696.07
  • Yearly Income: $8,375.36

Reward Distribution


  • BlockHeight: 1 - 10
  • Reward Amount: 3,000,000MNP
    *Notes: Initial Premine
  • Duration(Days): 0 Days
  • Premine: 3,000,000 MNP (1,000,000 MNP Presale on WavesDex, 1,500,000 MNP
  • avalible now @ MNPMorph System, 500,000MNP for Bounties)


  • BlockHeight: 11 - 8000
  • Reward Amount: 7,990 MNP
  • Notes: Open Mining
  • Duration(Days): Approx 5 Days


  • BlockHeight: 8000-Infinite
  • Reward Amount: Masternodes 60%MNP / Staking 40% MNP


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Meet the team

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MNPCoin Partners

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MNPCoin RoadMap

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MNP Coin on the best page of capitalizations

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As we all know, coinmarketcap is the main page of the statistics of capitalization of a currency and when it appears in the list, it simply implies that it is a legitimate and real project that gives much to talk about and that will have an incredible future at this time. in the position 1031 that surely in a few months we will see in the best position, framing the best position. so every time we find things that allow us to understand how excellent this project is.

Meet the great discord community and its benefits

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As we all know on the subject of cryptocurrency projects, the discord is always used to expand and direct the project to a better sense and mnp coin is not left behind with its active developers and answering all our doubts, providing the best help for us. In this you can find all the information of the currency and everything you need to know they will help you whenever you can. Now why do I say we will benefit from the discord? Normally this team rains coins to the active users so that a percentage of the currency is there and thus they encourage the most faithful who reach level 10 of reputation in the server will have special rains that usually acquire interacting in the general channel and in the one of your language that by the way this project has channels of many languages ​​to be able to reach each corner. In addition to all this the team makes twitter bounties among others so that people earn coins for free so you wait? join this wonder I'll leave the link in the contacts section.

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