Know the best platform to host masternodes that also has its own cryptocurrency. BitHost the best way to invest in masternodes.

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Hello steemians How are you on this wonderful day? Today I have decided to present you with a very surprising topic because it is a topic in which many of us are deeply involved, but there are many that are not for the simple fact of being a bit difficult to understand. Today we are going to talk about the masternodes and the accommodations. This project that I will talk about is extremely surprising because it is the best service to host the masternodes that helps people who do not know the technical parts of how to configure a masternode or who simply want to save time and expenses to keep this active that allows BitHost take care of this, also this project has its own cryptocurrency, which is very surprising and you will see why. In addition this platform is giving all its new users $ 25 in credit so you can set up your own totally free masternode so you can help people and know that BitHost is totally focused on a good future and grow with your users! BitHost is your best option, are you going to miss the opportunity to earn that $ 25 in credit to host your masternode? in the master cost section you will have all the information. We are in an era in which ecological mining, as it is called, has become a boom because of its great acceptance, if the masternodes and the stake test have become a boom and leave behind the proof of work by many factors, of which already everyone and the vast majority knows, but now there is a large percentage of people who know they are the masternodes but do not know how to host one since they do not go to the technical side and that is where BitHost makes a presence to help to all the people, so let's find out what this great project brings us.

What is BitHost?

BitHost is created with a very precise approach which is to have a platform a server platform on the Internet that helps currencies automate the process to initiate masternodes. To execute a Masternodes, you only need to provide the transaction key and click on Start but that will be discussed later as we are going to focus on the currency. It is a cryptocurrency created as a solution to eliminate the difficult restrictions of fiduciary currencies and use it in the platform as a means of payments for master housing costs and payments to housing providers in the near future.

It is also a cryptocurrency that is created for masternodes and proof of stake but we will talk about that in the specifications of the currency. This coin has some very interesting things since InstaSend applies, this being wonderful since it makes transactions in the BitHost network almost instantaneous. BitHost coin is a currency that invests in the power of people. It provides a simple wallet setup option for both staking and Masternodes. This coin has over 80% Pure MN block reward phase which is optimal for investment. The masternode network takes advantage of market inefficiency by giving the people the power to shape the coin’s future. The concept of giving the coin owners the power to shape the coin’s future means that its yield is proportional to the people’s effort.

What is the BitHost approach?

  • Provides fast and secure transactions for a more stable network.
  • Fully private and anonymous transactions with Zerocoin protocol.
  • Based on Proof-of-Stake and Masternodes. No more power hungry mining hardware.
  • It is extremely fast, you can send money to anyone in the world within seconds.
  • Superior technology in privacy having zero-proof knowledge.
  • Masternodes provide anonymization service, ensuring there is no centralized party to attack or take down.
  • Our team is working to bring it's E-Commerce solutions for everyone. Automated Masternode Hosting: NodeBase allows investors to easily deploy masternodes with one step by securely the masternode collateral to the displayed address
  • SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes, with no need to wait for multiple confirmations in order to be confident in the validity of the transaction.
Let's talk about the Bit Host Live platform

Well friends we have already talked a bit about the currency now let's talk about the platform. As I said at the beginning we are facing a big boom of what are the masternodes ecological mining but if we go to the statistical data of how many people practice it always tends to be a lot but there is a percentage of people who know the masternodes, they know that try but do not do it since many of those people do not know the technical part or just have problems when setting up a masternode but it is there when bit host live comes into play as it is a platform where people can host masternodes without effort and allows you to create and maintain masternodes cold wallet for the majority currencies, no need to deal with servers, terminals, Linux, etc. This reduces the barrier to the masternodes market for both technicians and non-technical people Also with bit host live you can forget about time, energy and also money for make sure your masternode is always online and bit host live focuses on doing all that work for you so you can earn money while you sleep.

This is also when the Bit Host currency comes into play because you can pay for your accommodation from any of the masternodes listed on the platform with our currency, which is a benefit. You do not have to worry because your Masternode collateral coins will never stay on the BitHostlive platform, therefore, your coins live in your wallet and there is no need to panic about losing coins in any way. Something that many will surely ask is that in the case of a technical difficulty at the level of our hosting provider, which causes your server to restart or is not available for a period of time, your server returns to its normal state after that the server reboots. Sometimes a start of your wallet may be required. In Bit Host live you will be able to monitor your masternode in real time since every 2 minutes there will be an update so that the investor has the most updated information possible of his investment. Bit host live is your best option since as it is announced at the beginning besides having a platform established and good for hosting masternode we have our own cryptocurrency but let's talk about the costs of setting up a masternode.

What does BitHostLive offer you?

  • BitHost offers IT infrastructure services to businesses via web services — now commonly known as cloud computing. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is that it enables consumers to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with business growth.
  • BitHost hosting will have a higher level of security than traditional models and fully intends to compete with the larger hosting and domain service providers in the industry through innovation.
  • More secure SSL.
  • Faster server times.
  • Reinvents the domain.
  • Instant domain transfer to another hosting server
  • Control over your data, i.e., it is not given in the hands of central administrators.
How to use the platform?

Once inside the platform we must register as it was selected in the upper part of the image, they must enter data that they remember and with a password with a lot of security, then they will receive an email that they have registered in the platform

Already within our account on the platform we can see that there are 59 hosted and 55 already activated! between the coins that are inside the platform we can see:

We can also see how we have all the updated information of the currencies listed in this great platform now we are going to see our wallet which is where we will have the balance to pay the masternodes and be able to host them, but why will 25 USD appear when we enter for the first time? is what we are going to explain in the following that will be the payments and the wallet

As we can see we have activated the 25 usd that gave us to activate our masternodes this in order to help even more our users and so we can give them a gift for preferring us. But now let's talk about the costs to host the masternodes and how to deposit BitHost after buying it in the exchange to pay for our masternodes.

As you will see these are the plans offered by the platform where if you enter the dollars in bithost you can have more benefits by giving an extra percentage to those who invest more in the platform. But in the same way you can see how they reflect what they charge monthly to get a calculation. As we also see that the first plan is free thanks to the 25 usd that give us this wonderful project.

Entering the wallet we can give you to deposit coins then we will see the amount in dollars that we want to deposit and will be transformed to bithost at the rate of the moment in this way we will be able to pay for our masternode accommodation. But how to send the coins to host the masternode?

And as you see friends with these simple steps you can create your masternode! then you can monitor it from your panel!

Currency specifications

Tutorials for BITHOST COIN masternodes

Shared Masternodes
In this great world of masternodes have come many platforms that have helped people that many people do not have enough money for the total of a project collateral but the truth is that they like the project. That is why platforms have come to light where people can buy seats or percentages of a masternode to house their coins and earn a percentage of it. This is something amazing for many people. Soon the BitHost Live platform will have its own section of shared masternodes so be aware of it here I will leave you the platforms with which you can work.
  • MnForAll >> fully transparent work - 4% service commission - tiny minimum deposit - no additional fees of any kind - weekly payouts - discount for big investors - more than 300+ shared MNs in 25+ cryptocurrencies are running - hundreds of happy clients - 24/7 online
  • CryptoHashTank >> Minimum of 1 Coin deposit - Daily Payouts - Auto-Reinvest - User Panels - 4% Commission - over 700 Nodes Active Admins 24hrs a day - Discord login to site

Let's talk about the discord and BitHost

Mainly it is important to talk about the discord in a cryptocurrency project since it is the main source of contact with the developers and users who invest in the currency and BitHost makes this present as it has a very large discord community where we can see actively the developer giving announcements that by the way have been many this person is very active since we can see in the ad channel how he has worked so that bithost has a good future the last announcement of many is that BITHOST is already listed in and as many know, this is the main page for monitoring statistics of a masternode project and if it is listed on this platform it is because the project is doing it very well so this is possible since this has a future. It is important that you know the developer and his team is a very kind person who will answer you whenever you need help with either the bitHost Live platform or with anything else related to the project, he will always help you.

As you can see this is the ID of the developer so you know who we are talking about so if you need something you can contact him or his team that I have indicated if you need anything! I invite you to know more about this project on your discord server that is very active.

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