Get to know the best e-Sports betting project with blockchain technology of the moment. ESBC the crypto revolution

Hello steemians how are you on this wonderful day? Today I have stopped to talk to you about something that has been calling my attention for a long time since it is something to talk about and has had a great growth since this project has had a great focus such as the E-Sports with blockchain technology that will tell you more Go ahead but let's talk about why this project has focused on the E-Sports industry? ESports are here to stay. Month after month the figures increase and their records are surpassed. The number of spectators, players, teams, organizations and competitions is constantly increasing and the consolidation of a growing industry is just around the corner. eSports could raise more than the Super Bowl in the next decade, and exceed the revenues of the Champions League football in just five years so this project is doing well to focus on this industry but now the vast majority of us we know they are e-Sports so come with me and let's talk about the project.

What is ESBC?

We can start by saying that it is a currency created for the bets in the cybersport of which we already know that this is a boom and has had a very accepted and impressive advance. ESBC seeks to have a small part of the betting market. So also these people who use our currency to bet in the same way will also be benefited at the moment of doing what we call colloquially as ecological mining with our masternodes and proof of stake. Amazing not? that even though we are betting we can equally be winning by multiplying the coins while we are betting fun and is that we are honest 80% of the people who work with crotchets are also players. As I said at the beginning, the entire e-Sport market is growing at a tremendous rate. The number of disciplines, divisions, teams, spectators, sponsors and investors is increasing and it is that we are sincere. This has always been well seen since those who do not feel attracted by how entertaining these games are. If you see the big companies and E-Sports betting platforms do not have a blockchain technology system that's why ESBC enters this roll and will give the biggest impact that the largest of the E-Sport platforms as well ESBC will be the largest E-Sports betting platform.

We are focused on long-term perspectives! The current and future objectives of the project will be comply with a formula, which must be specific, measurable, achievable, corresponding to the delivery dates defined. We have simple valuable offer without incredible promises: we will provide a private currency that works today and will work in the future, using the best practices of both DASH and PIVX. It is a working currency in a work platform.
With support and development in the future. Rewards to the first investors and participants of our project.

What is the focus of ESBC?


  • Allow users to make anonymous bets on matches e-Sport team
  • Automate the process of obtaining winnings
  • Make trading transactions in-game items
What does ESBC offer you?

  • Trustworthy algorithm: e-Sport Betting Coin is built on XDNA source code; our project’s father has his roots in popular currency PIVX, which is a fork of cryptocurrency that created masternode system – DASH.
  • Masternodes: Like any current project of cryptocurrencies ESBC is not far behind as they implement what we call colloquially as ecological mining where the masternodes give us profits to acquire the collateral that in this case are of several levels that I will explain later as well as being a great betting currency we can multiply our currencies
  • TOR & IPV6 Masternodes: ESBC allows user to launch his complete node or masternode either from TOR address or from IPV6 address. We are currently working on adding full TOR nodes, in order to strengthen TOR network itself along with ESBC user’s experience for those users who work solely in TOR mode. The unique feature of TOR-masternode’s support is an opportunity to manage both your masternode and hidden TOR service. TOR nodes allow users with stable Internet connection to work with masternodes outside their home network
  • Development of our brand: Our brand will be developing in many areas of game industry, we are striving to work with equipment suppliers, system integrators, teams of cybersport players who share our views and ideals. In the future, we want our project to be associated with cryptocurrency, cypersport, best solutions for gamers, safety and respect of freedom of each user. The main goal of e-Sport Betting is to enable freedom of choice and confidentiality.
  • Design and visualization: Thanks to research and development, we are striving to create virtual design for ESBC that will differentiate it from competitors on cryptographic market. Our team of developers is planning to implement innovations and experiment with current UI/UX/Branding, in order to eventually reach perfection that will allow us to become an example for other projects.
  • Exchange area for in-game objects: Initially, we were aiming at creating a model for gamers, so they make bets. In the process of examination of competitors’ business models, we noticed extremely high commissions for enabling exchange of in-game objects between users. That is surprising, however, for mediator’s services, such sites get 7-15% commission from each deal. Our team is sure in injustice of such system. Regarding that, we made a decision to provide an area for exchange of in-game objects between users, while making it as handy as possible, with low commission.
Let's talk about the betting platform

We can say that our platform will be a betting portal exchange area for the game. Objects and games and, moreover, market for objects within the game. As we said a moment ago explaining the objectives that ESBC has in its plans, as the main objective is to focus on providing players with a system of collections and payment management through the blockchain system, by comissioning transactions that may exist with traditional methods as well as accelerating the payment process with the blockchain and ESBC technology. We will be one of the betting platforms for e-Sports most recognized by our system since the platforms that already act compete with us in the future, they will do it. They have to go to the essential commissions that are being lost on their sites, however, we are also planning to integrate an opportunity to replenish the game. It has in-game objects and game codes. Attraction of the audience, not yet introduced to the cryptocurrency, will have a positive impact on our value of the currency and allow you to use the ESBC currency to carry out worldwide operations by the players. Blockchain will bring freedom and convenience, dreamed by several users, in this area. On the other hand, we are planning to use objects in the game for trade, which will be used by users to replenish their gaming account, which
Create healthy competition and many offers in the market. In addition, our target audience will be able to buy many of their Interest through fund, won in betting platform. So, the currency.

How to use the platform?

By accessing the platform page we can see how we will get the available bets as we see at this time there is CSGO, to access the site we just have to give the logo of steam or discord and so our accounts will associate directly to give greater security and speed to the users of being inside the platform.

As we see in the image we will have a menu that will be moved so that we can deposit the coins and thus bet them, these will become diamonds which will serve us to bet, we will also have the section where we can see our bets made as well as withdrawals and the referrals of which if we promote we will win 10% of those that the person wins betting.

As you can see our address will appear to send the ESBC to the betting platform and thus start the fun.

To bet only we must go to the main panel, see the available bets and select the one we think will win, once inside we can bet the number of diamonds we want and just wait for the day of the competition to know if we win or lose.

Once we have won the bets and we want to exchange the diamonds for coins to withdraw them to our ESBC wallet.

To withdraw already having the coins we should only go to the section where the coins come out and we will select the option to withdraw, there we will place our ESBC wallet followed by the amount to be withdrawn. So this great platform works if you want to take more detailed competitions you can access the streams that place on the discord server of ESBC the discord is something that we will talk about as it is a fundamental part of the project.



We are using 4-level collateral system for masternodes:

  • Bronze - 5 000 ESBC
  • Silver - 25 000 ESBC
  • Gold - 50 000 ESBC
  • Platinum - 250 000 ESBC
First 3 levels are used for cumulation of coins with high level of ROI. Fourth level, Platinum, is created for profit recievement from platform, it doesn’t give ROI in ESBC coins. Platinum masternode owners will receive regular payments in BTC from platform’s income. The rate of payments will amount to 20% from paltform’s net income from bets af all the directions, this amount will be equally divided between all Platinum masternode owners.

Masternodes statistics service


Shared masternodes and masternodes hosting services

As many know when it comes to masternodes as it is booming in cryptocurrencies but there are a lot of people who are interasadas participate but do not know the technical parts such as mounting a VPS or configure the wallet as needed for it have come out platforms where we can host masternodes paying a monthly fee so we forget the problems that the experts solve us. There is also another part of people who really like the project but do not have enough money to buy the collateral and there are shared masternodes platforms where you can buy a percentage of the masternode depending on your currencies that are mentioned here are excellent in people I am a participant of POS Latinoamérica and they are very serious people.

Let's talk about the currency

Presale information

Premine amount 1 000 000 ESBC. About 700 000 ESBC will be swapfor e-Sport betting coin community,

50 000 for Airdrop, Bounty and Betting Platform Foundation. 250 000 for sale 1 500 sat each.



Let's talk about discord and ESBC

As we all know the discord is fundamental to any cryptocurrency project and ESBC is the excellence of this is true because in this server we can see how this great team of developers and moderators are always ready to give you the most support you need, without Any doubt is a project that daily raise some ad or update that gives great confidence to investors that this project is real and has a great future so we will always find a lot of activity on this server, I will continue to introduce the ESBC team just look for it by the user number that I will give you.

This is the team of this project if you want to have more contact. This project believes in its users a lot, so they always help and want to reflect their great marketing system by doing many activities to keep your server always active, so animate and explore this great server.

Contact us


Hmm, esports betting. Well, that sounds pretty cool. I think I could win a decent sum there.

Wow! Thank you for such a clear review. I am currently thinking about starting to make bets. I usually gamble on It is a crypto casino that uses blockchain technology. I have been using that for a while. And recently I saw they suggested a new way to earn. There is a list of virtual sports players can bet on. I remember they have football, bicycle racing, horse racing, and dog racing. I suppose that would be fun to bet on dog racing there. But I think I will also try the platform you are talking about at least to compare them.

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