Where are you in Universe?

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@quantumnachos told me about the interactive map in this morning. So I am trying to find where I am. I can not find my place previously but I am lucky enough to find my own place. Firstly I am looking at the investors list. I am 42th in the list.

Accidentally I found this page.


This is very useful map for me so I know exactly where I am. SpyCOlony is missing this feature. So I found my place in SpyColony. My location is 196/177.

@dachcolony is in the middle and @shaka is close to me. @govinda71 and @quantumnachos is also not too far from me. I also found some users found the planets between earth and inner ring. So there will be no rival for them.

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ၿဂိဳဟ္စားမင္းႀကီး အစြမ္းႀကီးေနၿပီလားဗ်

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Not yet bro.

Wow, you're in the top 50 investors list bro :O

Glad that you all in the same region - it's better for own protection as well!

PS: Upvoted you too my friend :)

Thanks for your support.

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