let's be like children!

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believe that at all human beings at some point in our lives we need to feel that if we are worth ourselves, when we are children we have a total dependence on our parents, when we feel fear we go to them, when we need to do something we go to them and even When we laugh we see the faces of our parents to see if they are happy … but also being children there is a time when we want to do things for ourselves and our parents prevent it because they can see with their maturity that it is something dangers for the baby, as it can happen that the baby despairs and begins to make a berriche because he can not do what he wants to do and it's up to the parents to calm him down, teach him how to do it and ask him not to give up.

It is also our relationship with our heavenly father, in fact it is much more complicated because we as adults always want to try to do things in our time, our way and how we want to do it … this is why the important thing is to learn to be totally dependent on God.

The basic thing and the key of all this is to be guided by our Father, He can do everything and knows everything, together with Him we are like those babies who do not have the capacity to see if something agrees or not and also is by our side telling us Try hard and be brave, keep trying.

There is nothing better than being guided by my father, this does not humiliate me but rather make me see how the power of my God is perfected in m weakness.

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What ever be the case as a child you will need some guidance from your parents, some that we have to undergo for good up bringing is the ultimate: coaching, training, advice are some of the elements we see.