ULOG #13 | New Microphone, New Projects

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A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Barquisimeto, my beloved hometown, to pick up a new condenser microphone that had arrived in the country. Thanks to the solidarity and faith in me of a friend living abroad, I was able to acquire this microphone:


Resultado de imagen para blue snowball

The Blue House Snowball Microphone is a dual membrane condenser microphone with USB port, has 3 different polar patterns, and excellent sound quality considering its affordable price (compared to other professional microphones); the best solution for me and my needs.

For those who don't know yet, I'm a musician by profession. My life revolves around my instrument and computer, I spend the whole day composing and recording music, some songs are private commissions, and others are my own works that I like to share by these means. From the moment I decided to start sharing my music, music production was always a big problem for me, not only because of its complexity, but also because I didn't have the necessary equipment to capture in an acceptable way each one of the sonorous details that with many hours of study I tried to get. I recorded with an acceptable dynamic microphone, the Shure pg48 less graceful brother of the sm58.


Shure PG58-QTR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with XLR to 1/4-inch Cable


The problem with this microphone was that, first, it is a vocal microphone, manufactured to record and amplify voices, which makes it a microphone with a very bright response for a flute; the other problem (and the most I recorded) is that since I lacked an audio interface, I had to pass my microphone through two adapters, one from canon to plug 1/4, and another from plug 1/4 to miniplug to connect it to my computer. So much walk that could have been solved with a cable I didn't have, it generated an infernal sound that, if I was going to erase it, it would take half a flute giving as a result a robotic sound and nothing pleasant. However, the problems did not end there, as the microphone was stuck to the computer, I had to place it in a closet, at a height close to the mouthpiece of the instrument and then me, bend down as if doing squats to finish positioning everything for the recording session.

And that's how recording was an exercise in patience, concentration and legs. Thank God and my friend those days are behind me, I'm still dealing with problems like acoustic treatment of the place in the house where I record; again another great friend and expert in the area helps me with his advice on sound and production (@exorltg).

The point is that I now have better working conditions, and I'm making the most of them. This week I'm going to record some Christmas cover for all of you, and I intend to make more music often to share throughout the chain of blocks.

We will be in contact then, dear readers, we will see each other in a next opportunity, with more music and better sounds.

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