Self checkout arrives at Decathlon stores in the Netherlands

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At the end of the first half of 2019, the French leader in sports and leisure retailing is deploying the SPL service 'Scan, Pay, Leave' at its points of sale in the Netherlands. This service is developed by the British start-up MishiPay, specializing in the removal of boxes in store and payment by mobile phone.

This service is scheduled to be implemented throughout the Netherlands, starting with the Rotterdam and Eindhoven stores. The concept is simple, as is that of large food retailers: scan items and pay directly without having to go to the cash register which will save them a lot of time. This seems impossible to realize given the size of the products Decathlon, but indeed, customers just have to scan by phone all the products they want and when they leave they must scan the code of the order, pay and then get it back to the exit. For small products, the locks are automatically deactivated via RFID tags once payment is made.

A spokesperson of British start-up MishiPay presents the following analysis: the success of e-commerce in recent years is due to the lack of queues, customers no longer have time, and MishiPay aims to transform the waiting time (time lost) of its partners' customers into a time spent on the shelves of the point of sale to maximize their sales.

What about the self-checkout of Decathlon stores in France?

Decathlon is already ahead in this field because it has invested since 2014 in RFID technology. The adoption of self-checkout will therefore be easy in France.


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