"DINE-IN" the new option proposed by UBER EATS

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When we talk about Uber Eats we think directly about the delivery of meals. From now on, Uber Eats offers online reservation of its meal with the possibility to eat on site. This is the "Dine-In" option.

Now, the company is developing a new option that allows its users to order their meals and eat in. This is quite surprising for a meal delivery company. But, he admits that it is an innovative option. Indeed, it is an option that promises to be practical and promises to save time for the restorers as well as for customers.

Currently, it is possible to book directly in a restaurant but without being able to book and pay in advance the cooked dishes. This new option allows users to pay for their meals in advance and guarantee themselves a site on the premises. This way, the restorers knows when he must prepare the cook and serve his customer on time. It is a solution that gives importance and comfort to the customer.

Indeed, the negative point of meals delivered, is often the place of tasting. This may seem quite contradictory, since the principle of delivery is to be able to enjoy your meal wherever you want. However, it is sometimes difficult to eat your meal quietly. It can be eaten in the street, at the office or on a bench, depending on the situation ... The "Dine-IN" solution allows the customer to reserve their meal in a restaurant, to enjoy the atmosphere of the place and to enjoy your meal without having time constraints related to the waiting time. His meal is ready to be served as soon as he arrives. It is an option that should shade the low-end snacks and fast food since it offers to eat quickly without overlooking the nutritional intake.

On the restorers side, this solution is a positive too. Not only does he save time on these preparations, since he knows what he needs to prepare. And in addition, it can also serve more customers and this increase its turnover.

The UBER EATS company is still quite discreet about the cities selected for the deployment of the option as well as the start dates of the deployments.

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