Atos develops a social network more respectful of the private life

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On the 8th of August 2019, Atos, the international leader in digital transformation in 73 countries, unveiled its cooperation with HELIOS to develop a new exclusive social network in Europe.

The idea of this project is to develop an innovative and decentralized social network on the European territory that will guarantee confidentiality and trust to all its users.

The security of personal data has become an essential part of social network registration. Internet users declare that Facebook does not respect their personal lives and even uses their personal data (photos, behaviour, information...) to develop its network. In this context of scandal related to data confidentiality, HELIOS promises to offer users of its network complete control over information concerning their privacy, sharing, behaviour, documents... All these guarantees are so far non-existent on current social networks.

This research project will last 3 years and will be funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 Programme. According to a press release: '' A new generation social network, federated by a peer-to-peer model, based on a blockchain architecture, which facilitates the democratization of content production by the user, its promotion, and its monetization in accordance with legal and ethical requirements. ''

A well-defined structure is put in place by Atos: in collaboration with 15 partners, including European research centres and universities, the leader is contributing its expertise in digital transformation to develop a fundamental platform using a peer-to-peer architecture and an open-source approach that will allow full control of data by the users.

The European leader will also participate in the development of technical activities to ensure a final deployment in Europe.

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