Southern Cracked Cookies

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Southern Cracked Cookies

Although these are just cookies and made with harmless ingredients, one taste and you will probably call your elected officials and try to have them placed on the controlled substances list. I'm serious, there is no way possible that a person not possessing superhero strength can eat just one of these cracked cookies! We have even heard of moms hiding them from their children and kids volunteering to do chores for an extra one. THEY ARE THAT CRAZY GOOD! O.k., o.k., but you have been warned.


Image Source Pixabay
  • One (1) box of “butter recipe” cake mix. Any brand will do, but do not follow the cake making instructions.
  • One (1) block of regular cream cheese. Not fat free, remember these are addictive for a reason.
  • One (1) large egg. Of the chicken variety, but on a cool trivia not, Guinea hen eggs make the most amazing cakes and baked goods, but you will need two instead of one. If you do not know what a Guinea hen is, then I may begin to question your southern authenticity.
  • One (1) stick of salted, sweet cream butter.
  • About two (2) cups of white powdered sugar.
That is it, sweet and simple. It is important to note that the cream cheese and the butter needs to be SOFTENED, but not melted.


First, you need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Image Source Pixabay
Next, in a large mixing bowl, combine the cake mix, egg, cream cheese, and butter until well blended. It is important that the ingredients be hand mixed, because using a mixer, although easier, will not produce the same addictive results and your cookies will come out flat and boring, just like your Uncle Fred. Besides, nothing good comes easy.

Now it is time to prepare the cookie sheet by spraying it with a coating of “butter flavored” cooking spray. Avoid the temptation to taste the spray, I can assure you from experience it is not as tasty as you would imagine.

Image Source Pixabay
At this point, I place one cup of the flour in a medium size bowl and put it in between the mixing bowl and the cookie sheet. Take a table spoon and scoop out some of the batter and then roll it into a ball shape. It really helps to coat your fingers in powdered sugar because the mixture is extremely sticky. Take the cookie ball and roll it around in the bowl of powdered sugar until it is well coated.

Now this is when the magic happens……take the ball and SLAM it down on the cookie sheet. Yes, I said “slam”. Slam it like you would that nosy co-worker who keeps trying to get all up in your business. The slamming process is what will produce the flavor catching “cracks” that give the cookies their aptly descriptive moniker, cracked cookies.

Normally the cook time is between 12-15 minutes, but you know your oven better than I do so adjust as necessary. The cookies are done when the top of the cookies look wettish and the sides are beginning to turn golden brown. Once the cookies are out of the oven, sprinkle with other cup of powdered sugar to give them that polished finished look.

These cracked cookies are best enjoyed warm, but I guarantee you will not have any problems what-so-ever in having cool leftovers. Make sure the cookies are completely cooled before storing them in any closed container. If you know that people are coming over that are not your favorite, hide the cookies because these are just too good to waste on mediocre people!

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