History of Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Fiódor Dostoievski Russian novelist who together with Iván Turgueniev and León Tolstói, is the most esteemed representative of realistic literature in his country and one of the great geniuses of nineteenth-century European fiction. I explore the darkest wings of the human mind like the Kazamarov brothers and crime and punishments, suffered in life a torture similar to the one he wrote in his books. He is known throughout the world as the last artist of suffering, he sees a sick writer who spent all night drinking coffee.


Born in Moscow, he spent most of his childhood until he was fifteen years old, his mother dies and faces the bad character of his father. His father inflicted great suffering on his servants to them and also to his family. I send him to study engineering. In the spring of his 18 years is shocked to learn that his father dies, he finds out that he was killed by his servants, this experience helped him understand what he pushed people to do that with his father, this made him think a lot about the nature of the human.

In his first writing he talks about the terrible class tensions that lead to the terrible murder of his father, he paints a picture in his first novel, "Poor people" where he makes a real Russian social novel thanks to the help of a critic and was a success , the order of his second book was necessary to do it almost immediately.

Dostoevsky is interested in socialism, which was beginning to take shape in the Russian community, because it promulgates values ​​such as the equality of human beings, it was a group of people, the writer had to live the era of the tsars, was arrested along with 20 socialist comrades after remaining almost 8 months was moved to a public square, where they think they will be executed, this happens in 1849 waiting for the moment of execution a messenger arrives and forgives their lives. He experienced the sensation of seeing death.

Life. "Man fears death because he loves life."

He wrote a letter to his brother where he said he would change his life, he was taken to Siberia for 4 years of forced labor, it was an abrupt awakening, he had to live with real prisoners, in the same dormitory there were 50 people assimilated, he was moved by the brutality of those prisoners, was pushed by the mysteries of the human soul. Try to understand the minds of these criminals, looking for a focus of humanity that changes it.

If you want to be respected by others, it is best to respect yourself. Only with that, only with self respect will you force others to respect you.

He faces good and evil, he is obsessed with understanding everything of the human mind, he lived his time of intense Christian conversion through faith. He arrives at the belief that to be saved he has to be like Christ is through suffering he considered it important to be an evolved person follow his own path, the writer was interested in the disturbed characters this experience in Siberia helped him a lot, after being released his punishment has not yet ended, because he is forced to remain in Siberia and serve the army.

While staying in this city he falls in love, marries and then returns to his hometown. His life as a writer had stagnated due to his illness, which led him to not be able to work well, he starts to get into debt and looks for women of character he likes being with them, he falls in love again with a 20 year old girl, then he is disappointed because he was very demanding and bossy, he wanted to get rich in a fast way and he left Germany to seek his fortune. It is where he is passionate about the game, seeks to see the future constantly plays and plays day and night becoming delirium.

It is the great mystery of human life that the old pain gradually passes into a quiet and tender joy.

The asp of literary vanity sometimes infers very ripple and even incurable bites, particularly in individuals of limited scope.


Accepts his bad fortune as a good thing, his lover leaves him for a doctor, squanders his last savings and returns to Russia at the foot of the bed where his dying wife rests, since he suffered from Tuberculosis as more and more ill his wife in these such extreme moments write "memories of the subsoil" breaking the mold of the traditional novel, was the writer who broke the utopian heroes.

He boasted of explaining the Russian man and his nature being the first of many, portraying people in their path of metaphysical isolation.

He was one of the first writers to say how difficult it is to be in a city, failure and misfortune always surrounded his environment, then write crime and punishment, the book continues to shock the readers of the world. Because it represents a quite realistic environment of a stormy character.

The most intelligent of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month.

Then again he returns to the casinos to make his fortune, but he loses everything again, this was before writing his so famous novel "Crime and Punishment" all his personal agony makes it a great story, because his characters are as tormented as the.

A fabulous writer. We will talk more about the writer in another post because there is still a lot to tell.

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