His name and ideology symptom of forgetting.

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Feel the days of a new freedom, and it was two decades of total darkness especially the last, where the "revolutionaries" fattened at the ribs of a wealth that did not belong to them. Although in the name of democracy and freedom of the people lived a long time at the expense of it. Subjecting psychological terror to a people, who needed them, and who now hates them with all their might. The anti-imperialist discourse has materialized and only days or weeks after the Americans, finally intervene in Venezuela submitting them to the justice they deserve. Corrupt, fat men on the left who proclaim liberties, and they are guilty of undermining them.

"A dictator is nothing but a king without a crown, but who is looking for him to hold on to the throne."

A few hours after the usurpation of power, created by the executive and supported by all the de facto powers ... A hope has been created in a people that loves and loves freedom, a reference point for all democracy in the South American continent. These people stayed with their utopia, they stayed with their dream instead they created hunger and misery, and even many people what is called the "hard vote" live with the dream that "this will improve" under a government stained by blood, which came with all the best intentions but that on the way was filled with false promises.

The united people will never be defeated, it has been demonstrated in the history of Venezuela, our liberators carried and carried for many years the flag of freedom, where being subjected to foreign yokes, we were forjadores of liberties, and beyond taking liberties to other peoples, for now, wanting the help of other nations, we are willing to accept them with open arms.

Enough of promises now, the opposition unity and under a new face, a new leadership. Forged around that flag the tricolor that is wanted so much, with the help of the Americans, with the help of the free peoples of the world, we will be free of this miserable government that created an absurd and unsupported ideology that broke millions of people. Venezuelans generating their massive flight in a country so full of dreams and hopes.

The only ones who were fat were they the parasitical dome of the government that did not know how to govern more than their personal interests. Footmen of the Cubans of the castros who are already happily in hell creating revolution. The free people only demand this FREEDOM.

"Champions, actors and dictators must retire when they are at the top."

"There can be no dictator without his army."

the army great disappointment of the free people, who did not know how to organize around freedom, but the day will come when our moment arrives, because we are many more, we will always be many more. There is no longer anything that stops this avalanche of sovereign people who want their freedom, that social justice makes them their prisoners. WE WILL BE FREE VENEZUELA.


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