Science at home! Fun homemade experiments for the little ones. Today we will learn about Inertia!

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Hello friends of @steemiteducation, the education of our children is extremely important and we as parents have the responsibility to ensure that this is the best possible and not only leave this task to the teachers.

Through home experiments we can teach our children certain concepts of science that otherwise seem boring.

Today we will work with the concepts of Inertia, by means of a simple and fun experiment that the little ones can use with their friends, challenging them in a fun bet.

But before showing you our fun experiment it is very important that we review two very important concepts that intervene in it

What is the inertia?

It is the inability of a body to move by itself or to stop moving by itself.

Yes now! We go with the experiment.


  • A glass.
  • A playing card
  • A coin



  • Place the Playing Cards on top of the glass as if it were a lid
  • Then place the coin on top of the glass

  • And now the trick comes, you must pull the Cards so fast that he himself must fall into the glass.
  • Maybe it does not succeed in the first but with practice or achievements.

The coin falls into the glass.

What's happening?

The resistance of a body to change its state of rest or movement is called inertia.

When pulling the card, the friction force between the card and the coin tends to move the currency on the card. If we give a pull, the force of friction can not overcome the inertia of the coin that remains at rest and falls into the glass. But if we slowly pull the letter, the coin if it moves on the letter.

Children love to do experiments. With them, while they have fun, they learn and ask questions about the world around them. Among its many benefits, scientific exploration, feeding, the child's natural curiosity, encouragement, stimulation, reasoning and logic, improving the ability to solve problems, improving self-esteem and preparing for understanding , understanding, understanding. Future It is not necessary to enjoy science to have a laboratory, be surprised by the amount of experiments that can be done with some materials made at home. So there's nothing else, get in touch with work and have fun with your children or students. I hope this article has been of interest and help, and I hope in my next post.

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