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Friends, I am going to share an inspirational story with you that tells that struggle is very important in the life of a person. There is no happiness in the things found without struggle, but you get a lot of pleasure in what you find after hard struggle. This story tells that God has made the struggle so important in the life of humans, so that human beings can successfully face difficult situations and achieve greater success in life. The life of a man without effort and struggle can be similar to crippled and if the life is not fought at the right time then the rest of the life can become redundant.

This story is a butterfly. The process of getting out of the butterfly into cocoon is very difficult. If he comes out of the cocoon without fighting, then he will spend his remaining life as a crippled because he is very struggling while coming out of cocoon, by which the liquid present in its body reaches its wings, by which he is able to fly..

Once a day that a man was walking in the garden, he saw a butterfly cocoon. Since then, the man sees that cocoon every day. One day he sees that a small hole has become in that cocoon. He sits near the cocoon and keeps watching him carefully. He then sees that the butterfly is trying to come out of that area. Even after trying for a long time, when he was unable to come out of that area and was completely calm, then he thought that the butterfly has given up, so he thought that he would help him some. He made that hole with a scissor a bit bigger and the butterfly came out of it. But he saw his body swollen and the wings were dry. The man thought that the butterfly would fly but it could not happen. In fact, he came out of the cocoon without any struggle, so that the liquid of his body could not reach it and he became crippled.

From this story we get to learn that struggle is very important in our life, without struggle, he will not learn to fly. To say it means that if he does not work hard to get something, then he will be useless and will not be able to cope with the difficult circumstances. There is also a need to learn from this person who wanted to make the work easier by helping the butterfly. Many times we help a human being, so that he does not recognize the hidden ability within himself and deprives him of hard work, Which can lead to difficulty in developing it. We should remember that many times we need to have difficult situations so that we can fight and develop ourselves on the advanced.

Thank You!

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Photography is very nice and related to the original continent

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