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The struggle is life itself. Life is the second name of the struggle. In this creation, from small creatures to large animals, all are struggling in some form or the other. The person who stopped fighting (struggled) became dead. The struggle in life is with nature, with the itself, with the circumstances. Facing a variety of struggles, all of us have to do and we have to deal with them. Those who shy away from facing these struggles, they also lose their lives, life does not even accompany them.

Everyone wants to have success, but to achieve that success, there is fear in the struggle to be done. The success achieved is also attracting everyone, but nobody sees the struggle to achieve that success, nor does it attract more, whereas the real link to reach success is that struggle. If we see the past of those people who look at the heights of success, then we will know that this success has been achieved with much struggle with life.

When the struggle is being talked about, then when climbing Everest, why should not talk of the coming struggles? Everest climb is the first woman to gain Pride to achieve success on extremely difficult climb, says "Junko Tabei" - "It feels good to be honoured at various forums in the world, but it seems very good to look like that, whose experience took me on the Everest, while there was no one to play applause. At that time, when I reached Everest after the shivering wind, every step of death, staggering steps and fluttering breath, it seemed that I am the happiest person in the world. "

In fact, when a person is friendly with his struggles, he adopts with happiness, moves with enthusiasm, then the journey of struggle accompanies him and helps him cross the difficult path. But if the person takes it forcibly, goes on the path along with the absurdity, then he can not walk even further, with great difficulty, he goes a little further. When there is a destination like Everest in life, and there is a path to difficult struggles to reach it, then the fear does not make sense, it can only be achieved by adopting conflicts. When we fight, then we find out our strength and strength. Conflicts only give confidence to move forward and ultimately we achieve our destination.

Moral : In fact, struggle in our life is only the thing that we really need. This makes us shine and makes every moment more powerful or experienced. If we too get everything without any struggle, neither will we consider its value nor will we be able to grow, but remain crippled. Therefore, it is necessary to accept and adopt a struggle in life.

Thank you!

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