Start-up or Corporate?

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I am working for a start-up in an incubator for more than one year. Starting in a start-up is really exciting. Because there is a new company or there is no company; there is just an idea and you try to grow it like baby. Yes, like a baby. Because start-up needs interest like a baby. You should feed it, work for it etc.


If you work for a start-up you know these things.

  • If you are not a developer, you will for for every department. Business development, marketing, sales etc. For every department you will work. Because a start-up can't recruit too much employee. But in a corporate company, your department and your job description is specific and you work for it.

  • Your wage is not specific. If there is no sale, there is no wage or there is a bit of it. But in a corporate company, wages will ditributed on a predetermined date.

  • You work in a comfortable area according to a corporate company. Especially you work in an incubator or co-working space. Some days you can work from away. You may work as home-office. You can't do these at corporate company.

  • There is no hard hierarchy in start-ups. You can be easily friend with the CEO. You should be.

For everyone, I recommend to work for a startup at the beginning of their career. Because startup is like a school which you learn business, monay, management and lots of things. You gain experience, a huge experience.

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