Being a perfect person in life

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Being A Better Person

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What do you understand by being a perfect person in life?

you can be a perfect person to you. It depends on what makes your life vivid.

I personally chose to go for the calm party guy, as I named it right now. The guy who goes for every stupid shit, but doesn't create unnecessary conflicts.

I don't know if you want this too (so I won't include it), but here's a list of things that apply generally to every perfect person:

    • -talk, don't stay quiet all the time and avoid being awkward by any means
    • -when you talk, make it clear in few words, don't waste people's attention because they won't pay it.
    • -be a little funny and always try to add humor in serious situations.
    • -dress fashion, not only well; the shoes mean 60% of your look so keep them fresh.
    • -body language: straighten your back even when you sit; walk beautiful; don't use your hands when you talk, that's for speeches; don't exaggerate your face emotion not even your smile.

Nevertheless being a better person requires more efforts in your thinking, how your mind response to your environment determined your state of being.

Thanks so much for reading hope you can be a perfect person now
Go to comment board I will like to hear from your you.


NOBODY can live a perfect life. That's why we need to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

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