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IELTS Speaking Topic Part 1 Film has been appearing recently in IELTS Speaking exam. Learn how to properly and interestingly answer questions about movies.





Do you like watching films?


Yes I do, in fact I’m actually a movie buff. I find pleasure in watching different types of movies and to be honest I have numerous personal favorites of each type of film. I can’t imagine my life without watching films, it has been a huge part of my life.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Movie buff [noun] - a person who loves to watch movies and knows every detail of them

Find pleasure [phrase] - enjoy

Numerous [adj.] - many

Tip: The speaker answers straight to the point. His introductory answer is short direct answer (yes I do), you don’t always need to paraphrase the question when answering. Short direct answer will surely do as long as you need to develop a good explanation.


Which do you prefer foreign films or local films?


Well that’s the hardest question by far as it’s impossible to choose one. I love watching both international and local films, whether they’re major or low-budget films. Watching movies from abroad helps me widen my perspective in life since I’ll be able to see and understand other cultures. On the other hand, domestic films is a must to see in order for the local movie industry to prosper that will surely help boost the local economy.


Vocabulary & Expression:

By far [phrase] - so far; used this expression when you are comparing something to others in order to emphasize how great the difference between them

Low-budget film [noun] - films that are not financed or produced by giant movie industries

Boost [verb] - improve


Tip 1: You don’t need to always choose one from the other, you can be honest with your answer and see what you really feel like the speaker did. Instead of choosing one, he mentioned that he liked both, he gave his reasons equally to both foreign and local films.


Tip 2: As you can see, there’s a lot of paraphrasing here: film - movie; foreign - international/movies from abroad; local - domestic. It’s really good as it shows the vocabulary knowledge of the speaker. Well done!


How often do you go to a cinema to watch a movie?

Because of the the existence of internet, I rarely spend time watching movies in theatres. I love to watch movies in the comfort of my home, aside from the fact that it’s convenient, I almost don’t need to spend money. Going to a cinema is really costly, not only you spend money on tickets but you also have to pay for your snacks and fuel of your car.


Tip 1: When asked about ‘how often’, you have to answer with they key words ‘sometimes’, ‘rarely’, ‘always’, etc. These ‘frequency’ words are needed to be able to answer to the question.


Tip 2: The way the speaker answers is creative, instead of saying instantly “I rarely go the cinema…”, he develops his answer by giving the effect of internet use in terms of movies. Great one!


What types of movies do you like best?


I do enjoy marathon-viewing on all kinds of films, however, on the top of my list is comedy. Well it’s obvious, I want to laugh! There’s no one in this world who doesn’t want to laugh. Everyone of us wants to laugh our heads off as it is the best medicine in life. I always make sure that I can spend time watching comedy films.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Marathon- viewing [expression] - to engage in watching TV programs of films for so many hours

The top of my list [idiom] - the first or the most important thing among others

Laugh your heads off [phrase] - to emphasize that someone is laughing a lot


Tip: The speaker simply focused on comedy, although the question is asking ‘what types’. Take note, before he answers comedy, he already confirms in the beginning of his answer that he enjoys ‘all kinds of films’. So he is still answering the question well!


And that's it! It's never really complicated talking about FILM, just be natural and add some collocations of your answer to be able to show to the examiner that you are confident enough in expressing yourself.



Do you think you have enough vocabulary words or collocations about FILM? Well if it's not enough, check this link


Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them below. Learn how to talk about the RECENT TOPIC, A CHILDHOOD FRIEND with this link


Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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