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The topic about DECISION you made which was influenced by a person has appeared in the IELTS Speaking exam. This is the topic which is share by one of our students who took the exam in Osaka, Japan. We made a sample answer for the topic for you to have an idea. Study how we developed our answer and practice!


Part 2


Describe an important decision you made that was influenced by someone


You should say:

What it was

Who helped you

When did it happen

And explain how you felt after




Making life-changing decisions is never as easy as pie, most especially if the decision that you’re going to make is about career. A few days ago, I was more than perplexed to say yes to the job offer that an American community hospital had given me since it would mean, I would live away from my own family for three years and I would face many challenges on my own.


Vocabulary & Expression:

As easy as pie [idiom] - extremely easy or simple

Perplexed [adj.] - confused


Tip: You can start your story with an adage or a saying to make your answer more interesting. In that way, your answer is more creative and you show to the examiner that you’re comfortable using the language.


Honestly, I never had any experience of working overseas and living a life on my own is something unimaginable since all my life I’m with my parents. They’re always there to support me and guide me in my daily life, from waking me up early so I wouldn’t be late for my work to preparing my meal. You know being an only child in a family, I get all the attention and care. And that is something that scares me if I live away from my parents.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Overseas [adj.] - abroad

Unimaginable [adj.] - difficult to imagine or comprehend

Note: On this part, in order for the speaker to talk in length, he talks about how his life revolves around being too dependent with his parents, that making a decision on his own is scary.


However, my mom wanted me to get out from my comfort zone. She has big dreams for me more than I have for myself. She really wanted me to go beyond my limit so I could grow as a person. She advised me that for me to see the world in a different perspective, I needed to experience living independently and what struck me the most from her pieces of advice was when she said that great opportunities in life knocked our door once.


That somehow enlightened me and that made up my mind not to turn down the offer which was given to me. Thanks to the words of wisdom from my mom, I was able to make a firm decision to never let that opportunity slip away. I really don’t know what my life would be like in the US, but I guess life is more fascinating without knowing everything.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Comfort zone [noun] - a situation where a person feels safe

Go beyond (the) limit [phrase] - to be more than the limitations

Opportunity knocks door once [proverb] - you will only have great opportunity in life

Enlighten [verb] - to realize

Slip away [phrase] - to stop having it


Part 3


What kinds of decisions are considered rational?


Well, that is something I have never expected, but let me think for a second, I believe rational decisions are those that are well-thought-out, that is, objectivity over subjectivity. For instance, if one wants to buy a car and let us say he lives in a place where the road conditions are severe such as climbing over boulders, tackling steep hills with loose surface, or fording deep water, without a doubt, he would choose a four-wheel drive car as its systems are designed to sustain in those situations. He would never just buy a car for the sake of how trendy the car is, or how appealing the color and the design, instead, he would get one that will surely meet his needs. That for me is being logical.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Well-thought-out [adj.] - well-planned that all details are considered

Boulder [noun] - a large rock; stone

Tackle [verb] - deal

Steep [adj.] - rising or falling sharply

Loose surface [noun] - with gravel or stones; the road is not concrete

Ford [verb] - to cross at a shallow place

Tip: The way the speaker starts his answer is really good as he was giving time for himself to think, we can assume here that the speaker finds the question difficult and for him to avoid silence or dead air he has to say something. That kind of technique is indeed advisable, even though you are not ready to give your answer, you’re still using language to express yourself.


Should parents interfere when their children make decisions?


This is on a case by case basis, if we are talking about minor children, it is a must for parents to do so as minors are not yet mature in making sound decisions, most especially that at that stage of their lives they are vulnerable. They make decisions based on their emotions without considering the consequences. However, if we talk about young adults, I believe parents can provide guidance to their children in making some important decisions in life but not interfering their own decisions. Interference is a form of control and based on my observation that breaks many family relationships and that is something to be avoided.


Vocabulary & Expression:

On a case by case basis [phrase] - according to; based on

Sound decision [noun] - having good judgment

Vulnerable [adj.] - in need of support

Tip: The speaker did not give a generalized answer, instead he talked about two kinds of situation and explained one by one, which makes his answer longer and logical.


In what situation do emotions influence people’s way of making a decision?


The best example I can give to this is when two lovers are in a heated argument. More often than that, it results to hurting each other physically or emotionally that may or will lead to the ending of their relationship, most especially when none of them compromises or swallows their pride to accept that one of them is really wrong. The decision to go their separate ways is influenced on the extreme anger that both of them feel. Some people let their emotions overwhelm them that they decide to do something that is not supposed to be done. It is sad but that is just the way it is.

Vocabulary & Expression:

Heated argument [noun] - a quarrel in which people are shouting at each other and being angry

Compromise [noun] [verb] - agreement; to agree or understand in something

Swallow one’s pride [idiom] - to humble oneself

Go their separate ways [phrase] - end relationship

That’s the way it is [phrase] - used to say that is is a fact that bad or upsetting things happen


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Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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