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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sky, below are the sample answers that will help you get band 7 or higher. Practice and be natural in expressing yourself using the English language. Good luck!



How often do you look at the sky?


That’s an interesting question! To be honest, that has never crossed my mind, I can’t even remember the last time I looked at the sky. My time is always occupied by my busy schedule at home like doing house chores and raising my kids and at work, I am much busier - meeting clients and training some workers. It’s a pity that I haven’t stopped for some moments and enjoyed the beauty of the sky.


Cross (one’s) mind [idiom] - to occur suddenly; to be thought of

(My time is always) occupied (verb) - to be filled with a lot of things to do

It’s a pity [expression] - feeling sorry or disappointed about something



i.) The question is ‘how often’ so it’s asking you the degree of frequency so usually you can answer with ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, ‘rarely’, etc. However, the speaker did not use any of those since looking at the sky is not on his priority list, instead he explains on why he never spends time looking at the sky and ends his answer with a feeling of regret for not showing appreciation of the sky. Brilliant!

ii.) You can always be true to yourself, if you are not good at making up a story, be honest, just like how the speaker answers the question. His introduction makes him sound so natural.


Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?


Like I’ve just said, I’ve never spent time looking and appreciating the beauty of the sky these days, but if I were to choose, I would prefer to see the sky during night time as it’s magical - I can witness the amazing glimmer of the stars and the endearing and calming view of the moon that reflects on rivers or seas. I can imagine how spectacular it is!


Appreciate [verb] - to show admiration

Magical [adj.] - beautiful; delightful; resembling magic

Glimmer [noun] - twinkle; glow; shimmer

Endearing [adj.] - lovable; appealing

Spectacular [adj.] - beautiful; eye-catching


i.) The speaker uses the expression ‘Like I’ve just said’ as he reiterates what he has previously said. This expression is best to use when you want to say your idea/opinion/statement again after saying it before.


ii.) The speaker uses the conditional tense (second conditional tense: if + past + would) to choose between the two choices given to him. Using conditional tenses correctly in your answer can help you get a better mark in Grammar.


Can you see the moon and the stars at night where you live?


Unfortunately not, as I’m living in the metropolis, the sky is always hazy at night. That simply because of pollution - too many cars and factories emit carbon dioxide and other gases that pollute the air which obstructs the view of the sky.

Metropolis [noun] - chief city

Hazy [adj.] - cloudy; smoggy

Obstruct [verb] - block


i.) If your answer is ‘no’ and instead of just plainly saying ‘no’, try using what the speaker uses, ‘unfortunately not’. However if your answer is ‘yes’, you can also add adverbs of certainty such as ‘definitely, absolutely, certainly, etc.’


ii.) Even if the question is very simple, make sure you can extend your answer a little bit more. To do that, always give explanation just like what the speaker does.


Which part of your country is the best place to look at the moon and the stars at night?

I suppose all rural areas in my country are the best places to enjoy looking at the moon and the stars at night as those places have usually clear skies. Like I said, metropolitan areas are polluted, it’s always impossible to see the moon and the stars. And that I think is the main reason why I’ve never thought of stopping and spending time looking at the sky since there’s nothing to see in the place where I live.


Metropolitan area [noun] - another term for metropolis

Polluted [adj.] - contained with harmful and poisonous substances


i.) If you are not sure you can use the expression ‘I suppose’ as an alternative of ‘I think’.

ii.) The question asks specifically ‘which part…’ however sometimes we do not really know or we don’t have any idea, if you’re in that situation then better give a general answer, like what the speaker does. He says ‘rural areas’, and that is very general but he’s able to answer spontaneously because he explains further.



And that's all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sky! Talking about the sky is something that we never do such in our daily lives but prepare this topic as it is one of the recent topics.

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Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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