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IELTS Speaking Part 1 talking about shoes. Learn how to talk about shoes in an interesting way. Get ideas from our material and practice.




What types of shoes are your favorite?


As I’m a sporty person, I love trainers! They are comfortable to wear and I can use them all-year round. Also they can never be out of fashion since they are always suitable to wear in almost all kinds of occasions.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Sporty [adj.] - athletic; fond of playing sports

Trainers [noun] - running shoes; sports shoe

All-year round [phrase] - the entire year; the whole season of the year

Out of fashion [phrase] - old; outdated


Tip: Instead of giving the type of shoes at once, the speaker talks about his personality and connects it to his answer. It sounds natural!


Have you tried buying shoes online?


No, I don’t have any experience of buying one and that has never crossed my mind, since I’m afraid that if I buy shoes online they may not fit my size, although there are always specifications, still I can’t trust them. Whenever I buy shoes, I always go to brick-and-mortar shops so I can try them on and see if they look good on me.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Never cross (someone’s) mind [phrase] - to be thought of

Specification [noun] - detailed information

Brick and mortar shop [noun] - traditional shop; business or retail outlet


How often do you buy shoes?


Nowadays, just so rare as I have already a lot of pairs of different types of shoes. Back then, I used to buy thrice or four times a year since I didn’t have any priorities, it was like a hobby for me collecting shoes. However these days as I’m living on my own, I need to be more conscious or careful about spending my hard-earned money, I’ve many bills to pay that the idea of buying new shoes is already a luxury.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Hard-earned money [noun] - money that is earned for working so hard

Luxury [noun] - rich; abundance


Tip: The speaker focuses on his previous experience to be able to develop a bit longer answer which he’s able to give the examiner an idea of who he was in terms of buying shoes. Talking about previous experiences helps you develop better answers.


Do you know anyone who likes to buy a lot of shoes?


Considering my circles of friends or my family, I know no one. I guess they’re not really into shoes or they’re just satisfied having a pair or two. If I know someone who has that kind of habit, I can assume that he must have very deep pockets.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Circle-of-friends [noun] - a number of friends who do things as a group

Deep pockets [noun] - to have a lot of money


Tip: Since the speaker doesn’t know anyone and in order not to make his answer very short, he uses the conditional form ‘If I know…’ to make his answer a bit longer while hitting a good mark in the criterion of Grammar. The conditional tense is considered as advanced grammar.


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