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Talking about rain or rainy days in IELTS Speaking Part 1 is never complicated at all. Use topic vocabulary or expressions that are related to rain or rainy weather to get band 7 or higher. Ideas and good expressions should rain on you to develop an interesting and creative answer.

The topic about rain or rainy days appeared recently in IELTS Speaking Part 1 exam. One of our students got this question last November 10, 2018 in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.


Learn from our sample answers about rain, this topic is surely as easy as pie!




Do you like rainy days?


Not at all, rainy days are bothersome to me and I think for most people, since it’s hard to go from place to place, especially when you have something important to attend to for fear of getting wet. Aside from that, I hate the feeling of walking on muddy roads as my clothes are surely spattered with mud.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Go from place to place [phrase] - to go to many different places

Attend to [phrase] - deal with

Aside from that [phrase] - another way to say ‘and’, ‘also’, ‘besides’

Spatter [verb] - to spot; splash


Tip: Giving a straightforward answer is always best as it shows that you are confident with your English ability when expressing your thoughts. Always avoid ‘parroting’ like repeating all the words from the question as you will not get a higher band if you do. If you don’t paraphrase it simply shows that your English communication skills are limited.


Does it rain much in your country?


Not really except during springtime that I believe because the temperature is warm. During that season carrying an umbrella always comes in handy since it suddenly rains anytime of the day. Other than that season, this country usually has sunshine even in winter time and that I believe is the main reason why people here are happy.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Come in handy [phrase] - to be useful

Other than that [phrase] - except that


Tip: First sentence is the direct answer to the question. The second is telling what people can do during rainy days and the third sentence is an additional information that still talks about the weather. In that way, a simple question is answered in a more descriptive way.


What do you usually do on a rainy weather?


Well, there’s not much, rainy days make me lazy. It’s a pain in the neck to jump out of bed and prepare to go to work on a rainy morning. And if it rains on a weekend, I’m usually a couch potato binging on some junk food. I can’t help it as I can’t go out and do something interesting.


Vocabulary & Expression:

Pain in the neck [expression] - annoying

Jump out of bed [expression] - another way to say get up

Couch potato [noun] - refers to a person who watches TV a lot; having an inactive life

Binge [verb] - excessive indulgence of eating

I can’t help it [expression] - cannot stop oneself for doing something


Do children like rainy days?


Certainly! Children enjoy playing in the rain, running around, and laughing boisterously. Actually, they’re really entertaining and beautiful to watch as they show their innocence and genuine happiness. So when it rains, there are no any other people who are on cloud nine but the children.


Vocabulary & Collocations:

Certainly [adverb] - an expression of agreement; yes

Running around [phrase] - to run here and there

Boisterously [adv.] boisterous [adj.] - noisily jolly

Genuine [adj.] - authentic

On cloud nine [expression] - extremely happy


Tip: Instead of saying ‘yes’ oftentimes, use ‘certainly’, ‘absolutely’, or ‘definitely’. This is to show to the examiner that you have plenty of vocabulary. Anyway, the way the speaker answers the question is brilliant. He explains how children enjoy rainy days and in the next couple of sentences he becomes reflective of his answer.


And that's it for the topic about rain! It's never really difficult talking about rain, isn't it? Now that you have ideas about rain or rainy days, you have to practice developing your ideas and be confident in utilizing the language and ace your exam!


Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them below. Learn how to talk about DESCRIBING SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT TO REPLACE in PART 2 with this link


Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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