What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment In Steemit?

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This week I may have had way too much fun trying out @dlive and @dtube that I almost forgot about @legendchew's Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest which he is doing weekly. I've already said weeks ago that I will be participating on all of his weekly contests, mostly because it gives me something to write about at least for a day plus he gives out some SBI/SBD prizes to the winners depending on the total payout of his contest post.

If you are thinking of participating on his weekly contest then I highly suggest checking out the latest contest post here: Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest & 100% SBD Payout [Week #15]!.

Anyway, the topic for this week and will be my third consecutive entry to his weekly blogging contest is:

What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment In Steemit?

This might seem a little too repetitive to some, but the first thing that immediately pop into my mind after reading this weeks topic was "How I grew my account to what it is right now without investing any real money on Steem."

Yep! You read that one right. Without investing any real money on Steem, I have been able to achieve the level close to a "minnow" having a Natural Steem Power of 478 and an Effective Steem Power of almost 1250+ in just only 200 days.

I have seen/read many newbies complaining about how they are not getting any significant upvotes even though they are trying their very best to deliver "quality-content" posts. Honestly I think if someone where to join the Steem platform today they probably would have achieved more than what I did in 200 days because of how supportive other steem platforms are and how curator groups today have been focusing much of their attention towards newbies.

Also, dApps and other steem platforms that most of us have been hoping for some "love" right now, like @dlive, @dtube, @esteemapp and @steempress-io where not that much popular back then because of their low Steem Power. The me, who joined 6 months ago had no choice but to rely on the occasional whale vote that comes once in a blue moon and also from the tiny guaranteed upvotes that I was getting from the busy bots. All in order to just grow my account to what it is today.

In addition, there are much much more curator groups existing today compared to back then, there are even curator groups for certain topics and even curators that looks only on posts from a specific country. What I'm trying to say here is that if you are just starting out right now on Steem, then you are kind of lucky since most of these platform and curator groups are more likely to support newbies like you, provided that you are posting original and quality-contents. :)

Anyway, this makes my little achievement above more big. Having a reputation of 60, you might think that I have it easy. Truth be told it is much more harder for a high rep user to get some support compared to people who are just starting out. Most dolphins/orcas/whales think that a high-rep user no longer need an upvote and can already stand on his own. That is not always the case. Although right now I am still quite thankful to be getting some support upvotes from neoxian and for dimimp's delegation two months ago. These two play a big part on my growth here on Steem. Thank you big bosses!

Okay honestly, I am aware that I have lost sight of the topic in hand but I am just too lazy to redo this whole thing. Lol Ha ha :) The point is that What I consider to be my greatest achievement here on Steem was raising this account from a measly 0.1 Steem Power holder to an account that now have a minor impact on anyone's payout.

As proof, this week I have invited one of my artist friend @adelair (who is a game artist btw) to try the Steem platform. So far she have been enjoying my tiny little $0.1 vote on almost all of her posts. During her first week, she already made much more $ compared to what I got on my first week. She also have been asked many times by some steem people over on her deviantart and youtube channels and even her facebook account for Steemit verification. I guess that speaks volume as to how good and talented she is as an artist. I am honestly am proud for er and I think that it was the best 15SP delegation (minimum account creation) I have ever did.

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Hi @jlordc,

Yah! You just got jet-voted. Can't wait for your next contribution. #Jet-mod payouts.

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You are more than welcome to chat with us on our discord server, we'll be glad to hear you.
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Huhuhu Jai, Thank you so much for helping me build an account and supporting my works XD I'm so touched to be included in your article. You know I'm always here for you too. Just ping me for guest live stream :*

ping ping ping ping! :)

By sharing this post you have just boosted us to work hard even more and have patience till the time we have the same outcome u had... Thanks. Really Appreciate it.

Thanks! I think the next thing to posting "original decent quality" post is social interaction. Most of the people who have supported me upto this point was the same people whom I had interacted for months now

Good Luck to you! :)

Also, take this free reward. If you haven’t signed up for the STEEM/Byteball partnership

Congrats on your achievements! Be in that lvl without spending a cent from your actual money is a big thing!

hi @jlordc
Nice Post...
I really Like this Para

I have seen/read many newbies complaining about how they are not getting any significant upvotes even though they are trying their very best to deliver "quality-content" posts. Honestly I think if someone where to join the Steem platform today they probably would have achieved more than what I did because of how other steem platforms and curator groups have been focusing much of their attention lately towards newbies.
thanking u,
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Hi @jlordc, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

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