Hold Tight Your Money and Beware of Scampanies Out There

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Hold Tight Your Money and Beware of Scampanies Out There

I would like to reveal in this blog post that I was one of the victims of this so-called scampany. Beware of scampanies who offer investments. Investments that could offer you out of this world interests in a short period of time. The usual interest rate of your savings from most banks is around 0.25 - 1% annually. Other legitimate investments like Stock Market can give you an average return of 12 - 20% yearly. It will be hard to get high returns from any investments unless you are a trader. But being one requires lots of time and patience.

By the way, I just got this scampany word from a fellow blogger and financial advocate whom I look up to. Thanks Sheila for introducing me a new word.

I would never name or mention any names as I don't want to reveal who/what it is. Besides, the good thing about my investment was not that big. It actually amounted to 7,200 pesos. I don't know what made me invest and why I easily bit in since I've known proper money management for more than 5 years now. The reason was kinda obvious but I will keep it to myself (I think I need to heed the advice of a friend. Advice that I should reveal the reason behind it because I would look like a non-credible or reliable source. And the reason is I had a crush on the girl who introduced me to this investment turned out to be a scam. Now, I do not believe in love is blind. Sometimes, love will blind you, lol!).

Anyway, always have a plan, track, and know where your money should go. It is your money and you work hard for it. So never spend it carelessly as if you just let it go mindlessly. Yes, you can earn back that money but not time. Time is finite and everyone is consuming their time until it's gone. I don't believe in that time is gold because time is priceless. You can't buy time with all the money you have no matter how rich you are.

So don't go for a shortcut. Never game the wealth just because you want to acquire quick money. Chances are you will end up with nothing and you will never like its consequences.

Anyway, let's move on and leave bad things or experiences behind as they will do no good to us. And before I lose my sanity at all, coffee helps me to return to my usual self.

Is it time for me to bid goodbye to my 7,200 pesos? I guess I should as it is beyond my control. There will be no next time for this misery as I learn the hard way. Imagine, with that kind of money, I can buy more useful things if I used it on other things instead. Now I can attest that experience is the best teacher. I can charge it now to my experience.

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Haahahah natawa ako dun sa scampany :'>

I experienced "investing" in scampanies myself din and I know too well how it feels once ma ghosted na hahaha But anyway, charge to experience nlng lahat. Copytrade nalang tayo at least makikita natin yung money natin magrow.

Kahit ako natatawa pag naririnig ko yung word na 'scampany', haha!

Anyway, yes copytrade na lang tayo. Thanks for your comment, Sheila. :)

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