The Magic of Storytelling

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Feel free to skip my enthused babble and scroll straight to the bottom if you just want to listen.

If you know me at all, you know I love storytelling. In any form. I love forging new stories. I still can't believe how much writing has become a part of my daily life and my sanity.

But another form of storytelling I've fallen in love with, is breathing life into existing works. Interpreting and performing stories carries a magic of its own. After my first narration work in April, for the Lesbian Historic Motif Project where I performed two historical flash pieces, I knew this was something I wanted to do again and again.

And thanks to the guys over at Hawk and Cleaver, I got the chance. One of their podcasts is The Other Stories. About a month ago, I auditioned as a narrator, and they kindly accepted me into my team. Everyone has been absolutely lovely and patient with me, and today (I'm still inwardly screaming with excitement) my first piece for them went live.

The Golden Shepherd, by Richard Beauchamp. Narrated by ME.

Go ahead, and give it a listen!



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As a writer, finding the right community–the right tribe–makes all the difference.

For me, that’s the INKubator. I’m one of the admins there, and I have to say I’ve never been more proud of something I helped build, than I am of the INKubator.

We help each other improve, lovingly drown each other’s drafts in red ink, and help each other brainstorm.

But we’re more than a writing club. We’re a family. We root for each other as we submit pieces for various publication venues.
We cheer and join in victory dances when a piece is accepted. We support each other through the disappointment of the inevitable rejections.

We hang out, playing as hard as we work, and from the madness of our conversations, more stories are born.

As a community, we span the globe, with members from Asia, Australia, Europe and the US, so chances are there will be someone there if you should decide to drop in.

If we’re quiet, that’s because we’re writing.

If you love writing, we’d love to meet you! Click on the banner below to pay us a visit.


congratulations @jasminearch ... you have a great voice for that work.

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